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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[As the Grey drone that gave the report steps away, Pi takes his place at the head of the table.]]
Dwayne: [Awestruck] 6.24 billion... how many total Greys...?
Pi: 18.42 billion, give or take. Planck would... give you a more exact number.

Fooker: Sheesh... that's a third of your entire civilization...
Pi: We'll survive. I couldn't tell you offhand how many we lost to the war over the centuries.

Nick: But for now, we can safely assume the rest of the Grey armada is out of commission. Until the Protuberances unify under a new hierarchy...
Pi: [Interrupting] IF they unify.

Pi: Like it or not, they are all independent now, and any petty squabbles and ambitions are no longer in check. Without the Supreme Fu, there could even be civil war.

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