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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[The scene shifts back to the infirmary. In the foreground, Sharon holds Ki's hand as she grits her teeth with another contraction.]]
Ki: Ngh... here comes another big one...
Sharon: [Concerned] OK, just squeeze my hand...
[[Meanwhile, in the background, Fred and Persephone wait by Planck's prone side as Avogadro performs a series of scans.]]
Persephone: Well, Avogadro? Will Planck be OK?

[[We focus on Avogadro, Fred, and Persephone.]]
Avogadro: I am still ascertaining. Oddly, these scans in some aspects match Planck's earlier scans of Trudy. Both of their DNA has--
[[He is interrupted by Ki grunting and panting across the room.]]
Ki: NGHA! Oof, oof, oof...
Sharon: That's it...

Avogadro: [Continuing with mild annoyance] As I was saying, both of their DNA samples exhibit chimera-like traits. If I can isolate--
[[Again, Ki's grunting interrupts him.]]
Ki: GRAH! Oof, oof, oof...
Sharon: You can do it! Push a little harder...

[[Avogadro steps away from Planck's bedside and approaches Ki's table.]]
Avogadro: [Clearly annoyed] Could you please be a little quieter? It is very difficult to concentrate on this diagnosis with so much ambient noise...
[[Sharon attempts to silently wave him off, but the little Grey has raised the ire of a very pregnant woman in labor.]]

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