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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Avogadro, clearly annoyed, presses a button on a nearby panel.]]
Avogadro: There. This isolation field will dampen the acoustic distractions.
Fred: Good, because I can lip read and you do NOT want to know what Ki just called you.

Persephone: You said something about "chimera-like traits"...
Avogadro: Yes. When Planck scanned Trudy, he found she now carries traces of Physaric and other human DNA besides her own.

Fred: Yeah, that "link" thing she has with Nega-Nick. Are you saying Planck's been through a DNA blender like she has?
Avogadro: Figuratively. He has been infused with Physaric DNA.

Persephone: [To Fred] That orange color...
Fred: I don't suppose it's any mystery whose DNA was donated...
Avogadro: Correct. The foreign samples match those of the Physaric you call Socrates.

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