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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Fred: So Planck and Socrates have been fused, just like Nega-Nick and his former controller.
Persephone: Is there any possibility they can be... I don't know... separated?

Avogadro: I am uncertain. There was discussion of reversing Trudy's infusion of foreign DNA, but those were relatively trace amounts. That was also tabled for later research.

Avogadro: This fusion, however... the energies of the MUTEX are still largely unknown to us. They have been merged at subatomic levels. The quantum entanglement is intense.

[[All three turn to look at the prone form of Planck/Socrates lying on the table in front of them.]]
Avogadro: At this juncture, I fear that separating them may be impossible, and likely... fatal...

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