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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Fooker follows Trudy into an empty, darkened conference room.]]
Trudy: This looks like a nice, quiet place. It'll do nicely.
Fooker: Last time I followed you into a dark room, I was stuck hanging upside-down by my ankles for three days.

Trudy: [Mildly annoyed] Yes, well, that's not the only happy memory we share, now is it?
Fooker: That fight in the Statue of Liberty? I woulda so kicked your butt if I hadn't broken my leg.

[[Behind them, Patty stands in the doorway, her arms folded across her chest.]]
Patty: Interesting history lesson, but I still don't get why I'M here.
Trudy: You need to keep watch and get help if something goes wrong, like Fooker and I trying to kill each other.

Patty: Well, if it comes to that, I'll just get out of the splatter zone and enjoy the show.
Fooker: [To Trudy] See? I always knew P.J. was a perfect fit for our little gang.

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