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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Fooker and Trudy hold hands as Trudy concentrates. Behind them, we see their floating "astral" forms rise above their bodies, translucent against the background behind them.]]
Fooker: [Cocking an eyebrow] Funkadelic... Ol' Prof. Wisebottom's Fractal Explorer had nothin' on this...
Trudy: [Annoyed] Will you be quiet? I'm trying to concentrate. Nega-Nick isn't easy to find.

[[Their non-corporal forms pass through the hull of the ship and into the vacuum of space beyond.]]
Fooker: [Also annoyed] Sure, fine, OK. Shutting up. Just tell me what I need to do.
Trudy: Hold on... I'm picking up something. Trying to home in on it...

Fooker: How long does this usually take? Are we, like, going to be spending hours like this...?
Trudy: The speed of thought transcends physical boundaries. We'll be there almost instantly.

Fooker: I never pegged you for the New Age, granola-munching sort.
Trudy: Trust me, I'm not. I just let my laser-guided hatred point me in the right direction.

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