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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Fooker and Trudy have arrived at the Physaric ship that is supposedly Nega-Nick's "flagship". Still translucent in their "astral" projections, they make their way through this ship, looking for clues.]]
Fooker: So what are we looking for? Besides the man himself, that is?
Trudy: Actually I want to avoid Nega-Nick as much as possible. If he spots us here, we're in trouble.

[[They come to a room off of the main corridor and peek inside. A strange cylindrical metallic object sits in the back corner. It seems very out of place compared to the organic shapes of the ship's interior.]]
Fooker: Well, I think we've achieved one of our mission goals. I'm no expert on Grey tech, but that certainly doesn't look like it belongs here.
Trudy: The other "reality bomb".

Fooker: Has to be. Confirms our suspicions. Now we need to get our bearings so we know where to find him.
Trudy: [Sensing something off-panel] Hold on... what is THAT...?

[[They come to another darkened room. In the far corner sits the Shard which Neta-Nick and Pandemonium were discussing earlier.]]
Fooker: Something else that doesn't belong. It ain't Grey, and it certainly ain't Physaric.
Trudy: And it's giving me the worst case of heebie-jeebies I've ever had...

References: The Shard: (1) (2) (3)
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