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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Fooker: Well, hey there, your ex-emperor-ness. You ain't lookin' so hot. Not diggin' the commando look either.
Nega-Nick: Easy, chrome dome. Enjoy that (cough) mane while you can.

Nega-Nick: Come to spy one me, huh? Can't figure out my (cough) grand evil scheme? Not like you can (cough) sabotage anything while you're intangible "ghosts" only I can see...

Nega-Nick: Well, I've got (cough) news for you. There IS no "grand scheme". Not anymore, at least. Sure, I HAD something juicy cooked up, but let's say nothing goes according to plan.

Nega-Nick: All I have time for is one more petty, spiteful twist of the knife (cough)... which I intend for YOU to deliver. Now be good little lackeys and take a message to your boss...

References: "Chrome dome"
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