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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Our scene shifts. Pi enters a room to find Fooker seated with Euler hovering behind him, waving a sensor over Fooker's head while perusing a data tablet.]]
Pi: [Skeptical] And what, exactly, are you doing again?
Fooker: I asked Euler to scan my memories for the last few hours.

Fooker: Ya see, I know you guys can scan and record human memories, so I wanted him to download everything he can about my little side trip with Trudy.
Pi: Oookaaay...

Fooker: While most of it's probably irrelevant, I did take a good look around when we found Nega-Nerd's flagship.
Euler: [Turning around the tablet] And from the star patterns, I've triangulated the star system they're hiding in.

Pi: [Surprised] You found where the enemy is hiding? That's brilliant!
Fooker: [Annoyed] And gosh darn it, it was all Trudy's idea too. I try so hard to hate her guts, but then she drops a nugget like this one.

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