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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[Comic for Monday, October 30, 2023]


Nick: So... in the end, this IS just petty revenge.
Trudy: It wasn't initially. He said he had something bigger planned, but he simply ran out of time.

Nick: [Scowling] "Bigger"? What's bigger than turning my life's work into a weapon of mass destruction?
Trudy: He didn't say. Knowing him, he's keeping that a secret, just in case he DOES survive.

Trudy: He's found... SOMETHING. I'm not exactly sure what. It's this... black box. Oddly shaped, maybe the size of a large trunk. It wasn't of Grey, Physaric, or Earth origin.

Nick: Maybe something he picked up on Wolf 1061? There was supposedly a "great evil" entombed there.
Trudy: Beats me, but if ANYTHING could give off an "evil" vibe, THAT thing did.

References: Wolf 1061; "Great evil"
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