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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Nick: [Rubbing the bridge of his nose in both exhaustion and frustration] Sigh... and just like that, all hope is gone. I'm going to second-guess EVERYTHING.
Trudy: [Sympathetically] You... haven't told anyone yet, have you? Ki? Sharon? Even... Fooker?

Nick: I... I almost told Ki. It's bothering her that I haven't, and that YOU know more than her. But she trusts me. I... haven't had the heart to tell Fooker or Sharon.

Nick: I mean, what DO I tell them? That Nega-Nick has somehow seen the nebulous future, and that in my gut I KNOW he's right, even though every fiber of my being hopes he's not?

Nick: That I'm going to make a choice that will seem like the right one at the time, and instead I'll send my best friend to his death? That Fooker will die, and it will be all my fault?
[[End Chapter Eight]]

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