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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[Comic for Monday, November 6, 2023]


[[Our scene shifts. We find Dexter, Trish, Chris, and Patty gathered in a hallway somewhere on the HMS Bounty. They are deep in discussion about Patty's recent run in with Fooker and Trudy.]]
Patty: And after that, they both left. Barely said a word.
Dexter: Strange. So Trudy can supposedly "astral project" herself across vast distances now?

Patty: That's what I inferred. And the fact she "took Fooker along" with her implies some telepathic ability.
Chris: [Surprised] Is this the first time you guys have heard about this?

Dexter: "Outer inner circle", remember? I'm guessing the "inner inner circle" didn't want anyone to know, possibly to avoid confusion.
Chris: I barely know ANYTHING about Trudy.

Patty: Oh, that's nothing. She posed as her alternate-reality self for a while.
Dexter: And don't forget she tried to conquer the world once. Talk about some awkward office parties...

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