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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[Comic for Wednesday, November 8, 2023]


Chris: Does it... bother you guys that the "outer inner circle" isn't always in the loop?
Patty: A little, but we all came into the fold at different times, and we each have a unique history.

Trish: [With a mischievous smile] D-Dex and N-Nick were once b-bitter r-rivals for K-Ki's affections.
Chris: [Surprised] Really?
Dexter: [Annoyed] I KNEW I shouldn't have told you that...

Dexter: [To Patty] But then Scott and Tim "drafted" YOU into the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair.
Patty: Sheesh. I guess I'm still an unofficial member, aren't I?
Chris: [Confused] The... what?

Patty: But then Trish met her alternate self who "murdered" her.
Trish: [Sheepish] P-please, d-don't r-remind me.
Dexter: [To a shocked Chris] Obviously, she got better.

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