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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Doctor Melanie Granger takes Patty, Trish, Chris, and Dexter into another room, out of Ki and Sharon's earshot.]]
Granger: I haven't told Ki yet, but I'm concerned we might be dealing with labor dystocia.
Patty: For those of us who didn't go to med school, can you define that?

Granger: Obstructed labor. Ki's contractions have been normal, but so far she's had little progress. I'm afraid her small stature may mean her pelvis just isn't wide enough.

Granger: If she doesn't progress any further, there could be all sorts of problems, including losing the baby.
Trish: Oh, n-no...
Dexter: Wait... where do WE come in?

Granger: If I have to perform an emergency C-section, I'm going to need extra hands. It's bad enough I've never used a laser scalpel before, but I'm also all out of nurses...
[[Patty and Chris exchange nervous glances.]]

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