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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Doctor Melanie Granger starts ordering her volunteer "nurses" around.]]
Granger: Trish, wheel that cart out of the way. Chris, there's another cart in the next room with a mint green cloth on it. If you can roll that in here, please...
Chris: [Giving a "scout salute"] Yes, ma'am!

Granger: [To Patty] Patty, I hope you're not squeamish...
Patty: [Putting on a lab coat] I won't faint at the sight of blood like Trish.
Trish: [Off-panel] I h-heard th-that...
[[Chris wheels in the cart she was supposed to fetch, but is blocked by Dexter, who is standing nervously in the doorway.]]
Chris: Dex, can you move aside please?

[[Dexter is obviously frustrated by is lack of usefulness.]]
Dexter: [To Granger] Uh, I'm just in the way here. Do... do you want me to just wait outside...?
Granger: Actually, Dexter, I have just the place for you to help out...

[[The scene shifts slightly. Dexter is now in the other room where Avogadro, Fred, and Persephone are tending to the merged Planck/Socrates.]]
Dexter: [Saluting] Nurse Dexter J. Smith, reporting for duty!

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