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To search the Archive's transcription database, enter your search terms in the box below, separating each term with a space. Excess white space will be collapsed. To search for a phrase, put the phrase in double quotes (e.g. "slime mold") and it will be treated as a single search term. The search is case-insensitive, meaning upper or lower case lettering doesn't matter. Punctuation, however, does matter, as do spaces within phrases, so be careful including these.

The search operates in two modes. In "all" mode, every search term/phrase must be found in the comic's transcription for a result to be returned. In "any" mode, a comic matches if one or more terms/phrases matches. "All" searches are fast but narrow, meaning fewer results may be returned; "any" searches are broader and may return many results, but can be much slower. In "any" mode, you can specify a match threshhold; for example, if you enter four terms and set the threshhold at 70%, at least three terms must match for the comic to count (75% > 70%), but it doesn't matter which terms match. "Any" mode always returns the most relevant results first (i.e. those with the most matches). After that, both search modes can be sorted by date, defaulting to oldest to latest.

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