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Last updated September 18, 2023

Looking for a certain GPF story, but don't know when it occurred? Well, here's the place to look! Welcome to the Story Index! Here's a list of every GPF story, including a brief description and a link to the first strip in the sequence. Missed the introduction to Fred? Want to keep tabs on the Pookel saga? Then this is the place!

Year One: Nov. 1998 to Oct. 1999

The Beginning (November 2, 1998 to November 28, 1998)
The first three weeks of GPF essentially introduce us to four of the main characters: Nick, Dwayne, Fooker, and Ki. We meet the cast through Nick's eyes, as he is interviewed by Dwayne, meets the impossible Fooker, and finally befriends the lovely Ki. Following that is a week of miscellaneous strips, unrelated to each other.
Fooker's Apartment (November 30, 1998 to December 12, 1998)
Fooker invites Nick to his apartment to watch a new sci-fi show, but Nick discovers that Fooker's place is a disgusting cesspool of filth. This marks the first real appearance of Fred the Slime Mold, but he doesn't become a character until later. Following this week is another week of miscellaneous strips.
Fooker's Speech (December 14, 1998 to December 19, 1998)
A customer requests that Fooker make a speech at an important company luncheon. Dwayne panics, Fooker goes nuts. Lots of silliness. There is also foreshadowing of Trudy's impending arrival.
Pookel on IRC (December 21, 1998 to December 26, 1998)
Nick tries his hand at IRC, only to learn he has a secret admirer. And you'll never guess who it is... Okay, you will guess who it is, but he won't. Fun online for all.
Introduction of Trudy (December 28, 1998 to January 9, 1999)
Dwayne hires a new marketing director, who is more than she appears. Who is this mysterious woman? Is she annoyingly happy, or wickedly evil? Only time will tell....
Oklahoma Nick and the Server of Doom! (January 11, 1999 to January 16, 1999)
The first of many GPF parodies. Nick's search for a file on the server turns into a romp through his imagination in this send up of the Indiana Jones series. Oklahoma Nick must defeat the sinister Sys Admin Root (Fooker) and rescue his precious file.
Fred the Slime Mold (January 18, 1999 to January 23, 1999)
Fooker's first encounter with the now-sentient slime mold Fred. The wise-crackin', PBS lovin' sack of protoplasm eats the TV remote, and the feud is on. Who will gain superiority in the apartment: brains, or humanoid legs?
Trudy Begins Her Evil Ways... (January 25, 1999 to January 30, 1999)
This week is simply a collection of miscellaneous strips proving Trudy's vile nature is growing. Dropping safes on the competition, torturing the others... only a grim glimpse at the horror to come. It's followed up by a Saturday strip featuring Fred and Fooker (couldn't fit it anywhere else).
Code-A-Holics Anonymous (February 1, 1999 to February 20, 1999)
When Dwayne gets concerned that the GPF programmers spend too much time on their computers (even after work), he sends them to join "Code-A-Holics Anonymous." Can our heroic trio survive the mayhem? Read on to find out! This is also the first appearance of Dexter the Trekkie Contractor who, like Fred, would find himself creeping back into the strip every so often....
Geek Wars (February 22, 1999 to March 6, 1999)
With Star Wars: Episode I only months away, it seemed only fitting to take on the greatest sci-fi film ever made. This two-week parody pokes fun at George Lucas' masterpiece. Although entitled Geek Wars, there isn't much geekiness in this story, but the parody is fun, nonetheless.
Conquering the World... or Nick's Heart? (March 8, 1999 to March 13, 1999)
This week starts out in silliness as Nick and Ki jokingly plot to take over the world through the Internet, then becomes more serious as Nick ponders his relationship with his female coworker. Could he be falling for her? And how does she fit in with this mysterious "Pookel" on IRC?
Fooker's Abducted by Aliens! (March 15, 1999 to March 20, 1999)
Fooker gets abducted by aliens, but it seems the aliens got more than they bargained for! Extreme silliness!
2001: A Space Oddity (March 22, 1999 to March 27, 1999)
Although not a strict parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Nick attaches some new artificial intelligence hardware to his PC, and it takes on a personality of its own. And Dave thought he had a neurotic computer....
April Fools' 1999 (March 29, 1999 to April 3, 1999)
Random silliness dominates this week. Ki defends her smoking habits, Fooker develops bungee computing, Nick answers readers' mail, and the April Fools' strip drawn by Steve Troop of The Adventures of Mayberry Melonpool becomes part of the Great April Fools' Comic Switch.
The Return of Dexter (April 5, 1999 to April 17, 1999)
Dexter from the Code-A-Holics story resurfaces to make Nick and Ki's lives difficult. Brought in as a contractor to help finish a Y2k project, Dexter begins to make moves on Ki, who finally gives in and goes on a date with him. Nick, however, is unconsciously jealous....
Dr. Fredrick Physarum (April 19, 1999 to April 24, 1999)
Finally, the mystery of how Fred pays his half of the rent is solved. How does a sentient slime mold make money without being discovered for what he truly is? By becoming a professor for a major online university, of course....
The Black-Tie Gala (April 26, 1999 to May 8, 1999)
Dwayne takes the gang to a big formal party thrown by a customer. What could be more fun that watching a bunch of socially-inept geeks in tuxes and evening gowns? Fooker shows his fashion tastes, while friction ignites between Ki and Trudy.
Trudy Torments Ki (May 10, 1999 to May 15, 1999)
Following the events of the black-tie gala, where Trudy and Ki end up wearing the same dress, Trudy devotes the entire week to making Ki miserable. Is it mild ribbing, or something much darker? And will the guys be any help?
Birth of a New Slime Mold! (May 17, 1999 to May 22, 1999)
Is Fred getting fat and lazy? Or is something else going on, something more... interesting? Join Fooker's surprise when he suddenly finds out he now has two gelatinous co-tenants instead of one!
Professor Wisebottom (May 24, 1999 to May 29, 1999)
Nick's eccentric-inventor uncle, Professor Otto Wisebottom, is coming to visit. Find out just how deeply geekiness runs in Nick's family.
The Space Con (May 31, 1999 to July 3, 1999)
When Nick, Ki, and Fooker take a trip to a big sci-fi convention in a neighboring town, many surprises are in store. Look for stars, sci-fi fun, random silliness, and one of Ki's biggest secrets is finally revealed... but to who?
Fooker's Pizza Problems (July 5, 1999 to July 10, 1999)
The team heads to a local pizza parlor to celebrate winning a new account. But will Fooker's bizarre pizza-eating past catch up with him?
Dwayne Returns to His Programming Roots (July 12, 1999 to July 17, 1999)
When Dwayne reminisces about his old days as a programmer, he decides to jump back into the saddle and help the gang code again. But is he up to the task, or will he be a worse nuisance that Dilbert's boss?
Trudy Torments Fooker (July 19, 1999 to July 24, 1999)
Out of boredom, evil, or just plain spite, Trudy turns her sights on Fooker, giving him a week of pure heck. But what kind of meanness does she have planned? Fortunately for her, torturing Fooker is not that hard....
The Pookel Mystery Deepens (July 26, 1999 to July 31, 1999)
While Nick ponders flushing his IRC flame "Pookel" out into the open, Fooker makes an interesting discovery. Could "Pookel" be somewhere in the GPF Software building? And if so, will her secret be revealed?
Trudy Moves In Next Door (August 2, 1999 to August 21, 1999)
Fooker's neighbor Chuck hears a rumor that a beautiful woman is moving into the apartment next door. Could this be Fooker's big chance to finally score? Or is this only the beginning of his worst nightmares? This story also names Fred's fellow slime mold, Persephone.
The Movie Date (August 23, 1999 to September 4, 1999)
"Pookel" agrees to meet Nick at the movies, but guess who Nick finds waiting there.... Ki's biggest secret is finally revealed, but you'll never guess to whom....
Nerdvana (September 6, 1999 to October 23, 1999)
The longest, most complicated GPF tale to date, this enigmatic gem has drawn us rave reviews. Nick mysteriously receives free tickets to "Nerdvana," the world's first amusement park built especially for geeks. (With rides like the "Null Pointer," you can see why!) He, Fooker, and Ki discover the park is indeed a dream come true... or is it a nightmare? Plots twists and turns reveal the park is more than it seems, and soon Ki is the only person who can prevent the elimination of every geek from the face of the planet! With Dexter, super models, cameos and more, this saga will keep you guessing, right up until the surprise ending. A tale not to be missed!
Trudy's Tips for the Truly Evil (October 25, 1999 to October 30, 1999)
A short departure from our recent mammoth story lines, Trudy offers a brief series of tips for those seeking to become purely malevolent. "Tip #4: Never make a pact with the Devil... unless you know you can beat him at his own game." The week ends with a one-shot where Trudy gets the best of Fooker... again.

Year Two: Nov. 1999 to Oct. 2000

The Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair (November 1, 1999 to November 13, 1999)
Fooker receives a mysterious package that leads him on a bizarre quest. Soon, he and Fred are plunged into the strange, ultra-geek world of a group known only as the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair. This one is better read than explained; trust me on this one. :)
Prof. Wisebottom's Time Machine (November 15, 1999 to December 4, 1999)
Nick, Ki, and Fooker are called to Prof. Wisebottom's lab late at night to behold his newest, greatest invention: a time machine! What follows is a wild, outlandish romp through time, and a look at some of the odd perils naive time travelers may face. A bit silly at times, this one has received quite a bit of praise from fans. Now... if only Fooker can get to see Helen of Troy naked....
Y2k: The Phantom Menace (December 6, 1999 to January 8, 2000)
Okay, okay... every other cartoonist in the world did something about Y2k. So sue me. But least mine was about the characters living through the roll-over, not the event itself. So there. This story starts with a week-long diversion, where Nick tries to avoid the inevitable. Then, for the real meat of the story, the gang prepares to celebrate the coming of the new millennium (or the last year of the last millennium, your choice), only to have their plans drastically changed. Look for some interesting character development, some warm squishy moments, and a laugh or two along the way. Oh yeah, and Ki in a skimpy red dress.
Trudy's Boyfriend, Fooker's Bully (January 10, 2000 to January 22, 2000)
Fooker runs into a blast from his past in the form of Butch Kilgore, his old high school bully. What's worse, Butch is now dating Fooker's next door neighbor... Trudy! What could these two sadistic monsters have in store for our favorite slacker hacker? Or... will Fooker turn the tables on the evil masterminds? You've got to read it to find out!
Friendly Espionage (January 24, 2000 to February 12, 2000)
Ki is getting uncomfortable not knowing if Nick is interested in her romantically, or if he sees her as just a friend. So she asks Fooker to perform a little "friendly espionage" to find out. And what he learns will definitely shock you! (It did everyone else!) Find out why this is the most controversial GPF tale to date (and why I got several e-mails with the subject line, "Nooooooo!")
The HOSERS/GPF Crossover (February 14, 2000 to February 19, 2000)
Find out what happens when two online comics collide head-on as the GPF gang is invaded by the ultra-secret crime fighting (and doughnut smuggling) team of HOSERS! As the HOSERS team tracks down a lost teammate, Nick and Fooker are drawn in to the fray, which includes all-you-can-eat pizza gluttony, physical ineptitude, and a clash with Trudy's torture device collection. To navigate the crossover, click the crossover banner at the top of the page to switch between the GPF and HOSERS archives!
Gone Shoppin' (February 21, 2000 to February 26, 2000)
A minor excursion into the life of Ki, as she tackles one of the most terrifying moments in a woman's life: shopping for this year's bathing suit. Short, sweet, and to the point (with maybe a hint of foreshadowing...?), plus the added bonus of seeing Ki in a bikini....
The Safe-Dropping Incident (February 28, 2000 to March 25, 2000)
Here's a shocking twist for the GPF gang that caught everybody by surprise! When Dwayne is almost flattened by a falling safe, the team gets plunged into a bizarre sequence of events focusing around Trudy's past. Will Trudy's old college boyfriend Trent finally get the best of her, or will some unexpected knights come to her aid? If you thought you knew all there was to know about the GPF gang, here's one to blow your mind!
April Fools' 2000 (March 27, 2000 to April 1, 2000)
More April Fools' silliness! This year, we switched with Tony Lower-Basch of Nosferatu, who created an awesome CGI animated GPF cartoon! This is preceded by a Dexter taking over the comic with his tabloid news show, "GPF Conspiracy Central."
The Team-Building Hike (April 3, 2000 to May 13, 2000)
What happens when you take four computer geeks and a marketing dominatrix and set them loose in the Great Outdoors? Utter mayhem! Dwayne takes the GPF crew out for a team-building hike that ends in a comedy of errors. And, believe it or not, Fooker is their only hope for survival! This is a great, all-encompassing story, because it gives each character they're own moment in the spotlight.
The Date (May 15, 2000 to June 17, 2000)
It's the one you've all been waiting for... the final romantic showdown! The battle for Nick's affections is on when Trudy asks Nick out on a dinner date, and Ki is ready to do anything to stop her. Will Trudy sink her talons into Nick? Will Ki be left heart-broken and alone? Will Fooker learn any table manners? It's the story line you've been begging to see!
Interlude: Trudy's Phone Call (June 19, 2000 to July 1, 2000)
In the aftermath of the previous story, Trudy sulks over the interruption of her plans, only to be interrupted in her sulking by a mysterious phone call. Get ready for surprises with this one... to quote Weird Al Yankovic, "Everything You Know is Wrong!"
Nick an' Ki, Sittin' in a Tree... (July 3, 2000 to July 7, 2000)
A refreshing change for the deeper, longer, and more "heavy" stories lately, this week follows Nick and Ki as they begin to discover each other. Most of the strips are relatively unrelated, but all deal with our new favorite lovebirds. :)
The Pookel Test (July 8, 2000 to July 15, 2000)
Prompted by Fooker's questioning, Ki decides to test Nick's new loyalty to her by reviving her "Pookel" IRC personae. Will her little scheme succeed, or will it backfire back into her face?
Secret Agent Geek (July 17, 2000 to September 3, 2000)
Lured by a mysterious phone call, Nick and Ki are plunged into a world of intrigue and danger when the discover... Fooker is really a secret agent! Now our heroic trio must thwart the diabolical "Moldfinger" before his plans for world domination are fulfilled. This blockbuster seven-week saga is one definitely not to miss!
Ki Quits Smoking (September 4, 2000 to September 9, 2000)
Now that Nick and Ki are an item, little snags are bound to crop up. Here's one she wasn't expecting! Will Ki give up her smoking habit to save her new boyfriend's nose? Even worse, will Fooker actually be of some help?
Introducing Nicole (September 11, 2000 to October 1, 2000)
Sure, she's been mentioned a time or two, but we've never seen her... until now. When Dwayne's wife appears at GPF headquarters, she'll have to wade through unsuspecting geeks before she can deliver her exciting news to her husband. Get ready for everything to change!
Yoshi comes to visit (October 2, 2000 to October 14, 2000)
Can Ki keep track of her annoying yet brilliant little brother, Yoshi? Don't count on it!
Credit Card Blues (October 16, 2000 to October 21, 2000)
What's scarier than a Microsoft Outlook e-mail virus? Try Fooker with a credit card!
The Halloween Party (October 23, 2000 to November 5, 2000)
Fun and surprises as the gang helps host a community Halloween party!

Year Three: Nov. 2000 to Oct. 2001

Discovered! (November 6, 2000 to November 18, 2000)
When Persephone accidentally falls down the kitchen sink drain, it's a race for Fooker and Fred to save her before something else happens. Will they rescue her in time, or will something more... sinister be unveiled?
Husbands and Wives (November 20, 2000 to November 25, 2000)
A quaint, quick little look into Dwayne and Nicole's private lives as well as an update on the pregnancy.
Mr. Pookel (November 27, 2000 to December 23, 2000)
Many, many developments in this deceptively simple story, including: the origin of Ki's "Pookel" login, Nick and Ki's relationship is severely tested, and the cosmic repercussions of Trudy's actions again seem to emerge. As an added bonus, Fooker gets repeatedly pummeled by a teddy bear.
College Days (December 25, 2000 to January 27, 2001)
Want to know what Nick, Ki, and Fooker were like in college? Here's your chance! Learn about your favorite geeks while they were still newbies! Explore Nick's embarrassing yearbook autographs! Watch a younger Fooker hit on an even feistier Ki! Watch Fooker double over in pain while Ki kicks him in the.... An absolute fan favorite, and winner of Absurd Notions' Smart Move Award.
Ubersoft v. GPF Software (January 29, 2001 to February 17, 2001)
When Fooker is e-mailed the source code to Nifty Doorways, the most unstable operating system on Earth, his tinkerings set into motion the most exciting, bizarre, and twisted GPF crossover to date! Watch as the worlds of GPF and Help Desk collide, as the mighty Ubersoft Corporation takes our gang to court, and Trudy faces her old nemesis, Mr. Bunny the Hoppy Computer Guy (aka The Boss)!
The Fractal Explorer (February 19, 2001 to March 4, 2001)
Professor Wisebottom's up to his old inventing tricks again as he spins the gang through his Virtual Reality Fractal Explorer. This wild, crazy, and somewhat silly adventure will send you reeling, and it'll definitely bring a surprise of color to your day. ;)
Fooker's Girlfriend...? (March 5, 2001 to April 7, 2001)
Fooker... has a... girlfriend...?!? Could it be?!? The impossible becomes possible in this five-week-er, which also includes the answer to the most talked about question in Nick and Ki's relationship: Have they... "done it" yet?
Baby Crazy! (April 9, 2001 to April 28, 2001)
As the due date of Nicole's baby is swiftly approaching, the GPF Software crew decide to throw her a baby shower. However, there's one major, unexpected result: It's effect on Ki!
Alliances (April 30, 2001 to May 19, 2001)
Fooker and Fred draw Nick and Ki into their confidence and reveal the slime molds' existence to the pair. But when alliances are being drawn, which side does everyone end up on? Perhaps not the side you'd think.
Rude, CRUDE, and Socially Unacceptable (May 21, 2001 to June 9, 2001)
So what's Trudy been up to for the past few months? At last, the secret is revealed! Check out this cameo-laden story featuring the return of Moldfinger and Dr. Not, and find out a thing or two about everyone's favorite evil marketing chick. You have been warned....
Intervention (June 11, 2001 to June 23, 2001)
In this hilarious crossover with the incredibly awesome Absurd Notions, the GPF gang travel to a nearby Linux Expo, where Fooker's OS elitism reaches its frustrating peak. Can Nick join forces with his AN counterparts to bring Fooker and Warren back down to Earth? Extra crunchy goodness!
Special Delivery (June 25, 2001 to August 25, 2001)
By far, our most ambitious story yet. This nine-week epic answers many questions and raises tons more! As Dwayne and Trudy muse over GPF Software's financial uncertainty, a raging storm rocks the area. Flash floods are called in, leaving the whole community at risk! Heroes are born, risks are taken, and the unthinkable becomes thinkable... and in the background, guess what blessed event is bound to occur! See the cast as you've never seen them before, and learn a thing or two about what they're really made of. Exciting and thrilling, heart-breaking and uplifting, this tale has it all!
The Inventor's Gene (August 27, 2001 to September 8, 2001)
While recovering from the flu thanks to the last story, Nick makes a startling discovery about his genetic history. Will this new development change his and Ki's lives forever? Or is it just an excuse for extra silliness? Professor Wisebottom makes a much un-needed reappearance.
Close Encounters of the Dairy Kind (September 10, 2001 to October 13, 2001)
Trudy's mysterious plans are nearly complete. She needs one last piece of "information" from Fooker, and the final cog will be in place. But when her plans back-fire, she and our favorite slacker hacker are plunged into the wildest, zaniest, and definitely raciest GPF story yet! Full of twisted surprises and surprising twists, this tale pits the ultimate odd couple against an unexpected foe, marking a shocking return by some very old antagonists.
GPF Plotline Multiplex! (October 15, 2001 to November 3, 2001)
One thing many fans have said is that I'm very good at keeping several different plots moving at once. Well, there's one way to set up a challenge! This is one story that will keep your head spinning, as we try to weave at least five (and maybe more, as I could have lost count) individual threads moving all at once. GPF mayhem at its most confusing (and fun)!

Surreptitious Machinations

Year Four is very different from previous years, as it is primarily composed of a single, far-reaching story arc we call Surreptitious Machinations. Filled with lots of drama, action, plot twists, and the usual GPF humor, this tale is guaranteed to be the ultimate GPF masterpiece. (Note that it is highly recommended that the reader be familiar with the events of the past three years before reading this story, as it ties up a lot of loose threads.)

Prologue: Rhymes and Ruminations (November 4, 2001 to December 1, 2001)
The Gamester and Mischief take special interest as the troubling problems first alluded to back in "Trudy's Phone Call" begin to take shape. They intently watch the events of the not-to-distant future, as freedom fighters Todd and Sydney Duncan race to Professor Wisebottom's hidden lab. Todd uses Wisebottom's aging time machine to vanish into the past, just as the oppressive Empress—none other than our favorite evil marketing witch Trudy—arrives to crush the rebellion. While the others are taken prisoner, Empress Trudy vanishes herself, leading from the prologue into the first chapter of this epic tale....
Chapter 1: Back From the Future (December 2, 2001 to January 12, 2002)
Nick and Ki's Christmas shopping is interrupted by two mysterious visitors: the time-tossed Todd and his mysterious pursuer, the Empress' secret weapon... the Fookinater! A harrowing chase ensues, ending at a nearby chocolate factory, where the Fookinater is ultimately destroyed. ("We don't have to worry about him any S'more.") Meanwhile, the Empress arrives at her destination, to have a little one-on-one with her past self! The Empress (the mysterious phone caller who has been feeding her information for years) reveals to Trudy her master plan, which the present Trudy must execute to ensure their world domination. Just as the Empress is about to issue a final warning, Todd arrives, threatening to kill both Trudys to ensure the Empress' evil empire never forms. A struggle breaks out, leaving the current Trudy knocked unconscious, while the Empress and Todd vie for control of the temporal remote and suddenly vanish back into the future....
Chapter 2: The Juggernaut Unleashed (January 13, 2002 to February 9, 2002)
The following day, Dwayne is working late at the GPF Software building when a supply closet suddenly catches fire! Dwayne tries to stop the flames, but is thwarted at every turn. The sprinklers don't work and the fire extinguisher isn't charged! He barely escapes with his life, just as Nick and Ki, picking up Fooker from the airport, happen to drive by. The four watch in stunned silence as the GPF building burns to the ground. The fire chief suspects arson, but that surprise doesn't compare to when Fooker gets arrested for the previous night's shooting spree! As the gang struggles to keep cohesion during this turbulent time, Secret Agent Geek is paid a brief visit from his superior, "Amadeus," who happens to be none other than....
Chapter 3: Trials and Tribulations (February 10, 2002 to March 23, 2002)
Before Fooker's trial, we meet Agent #12, a colleague from the U.G.A. who will represent him as his lawyer. The trial begins with several surprising revelations, including a replacement judge (the judge from Help Desk, who appeared in the Year Three Ubersoft v. GPF Software story) and an unexpected prosecutor... none other than Alan Sedgewikki, the Code-A-Holics Anonymous guy. The trial moves swiftly, with an overwhelming list of evidence and witnesses in favor of the prosecution. The defense makes a valiant effort, but Nick's testimony about the Fookinator (he's not going to lie under oath) is dismissed as "science fiction delusions." Worst of all, Fooker's neighbor Chuck takes the stand and surprises everyone by saying he knew Fooker was planning the attacks beforehand. (Could Chuck still be under Trudy's mind control?) Fooker is swiftly convicted. During the pause between the conviction and the sentence, Dwayne is surprisingly arrested for insurance fraud (for burning down the building), while Nick gets a mysterious phone call of us own....
Chapter 4: To the Four Winds... (March 24, 2002 to April 13, 2002)
Following Dwayne's arrest, Nick and Ki discuss Nick's new job prospects while waiting for Fooker's sentencing. Fooker is sentenced to several consecutive life sentences, and is carted away before any of his friends can say goodbye. Nick and Ki visit Dwayne, who convinces Nick to take the new job he's been offered. There's only one problem: the job is many miles away, leaving the possibility of a long distance relationship between him and Ki. Ki decides to pull up roots and follow her boyfriend, when an unexpected phone call shatters any plans the two may share. Ki's father is seriously injured in an automobile accident and on the verge of death. Ki flies out to comfort her family, while Persephone accidentally stows away in her purse. The chapter ends with a disturbing glimpse at the missing years between the present and the dreaded future, as the time-hopping Todd recovers one of Empress Trudy's time remotes....
Chapter 5: Random Threads (April 14, 2002 to May 18, 2002)
Scattered by the previous chapters' events, the GPF Software crew begin to settle into their new lives apart from each other. Nick means his new team and runs into an unexpected surprise... Trudy is now working at the same company, same location. Meanwhile, Dwayne and Fooker are being transported to their respective prisons when a terrible accident frees them. Another old face from the past resurfaces, as Trudy's old boyfriend Trent was being transported on the same bus. The trio are not officially on the lamb, but hot on their trail is a U.S. Marshall, ala The Fugitive. Ki reunites with her family while attempting to get a new job... and failing miserably. She begins to investigate her father's accident and discovers than Chuck (Fooker and Trudy's former neighbor) is behind it. Confused and uncertain, she contemplates what to do next, when she encounters an unexpected visitor... Todd!
Chapter 6: Plots and Complications (May 19, 2002 to June 15, 2002)
Todd comes back from the future (again) to reveal to Ki how Trudy comes to power. Her surreptitious machinations revolve solely around Nick, who is on the verge of an astounding discovery that will revolutionize the world's energy. However, Trudy uses her schemes to isolate Nick and keep his friends from stopping him. Trudy will eventually use Nick's invention to overthrow the world's governments and establish herself as supreme Empress. There is, however, a glimmer of hope as the GPF crew eventually will reunite to oppose her. However, as each old friend falls, Trudy's power—and her madness—grows. Overwhelmed yet willing to help, Ki agrees to Todd's challenge, and the two rush off to reunite the gang. Meanwhile, time is ticking away, as Nick's epiphany begins to take shape...
Chapter 7: The Tapestry Unravels (June 16, 2002 to July 13, 2002)
Armed with Todd's knowledge of future events, he and Ki race to locate and reassemble the original GPF Software team. Meanwhile, Fooker, Dwayne, and Trent are on the run and get a little unexpected help from a familiar furry face... Wallace T. Bruin, the talking ex-circus bear! Also meanwhile, Ki, Todd, and Prof. Wisebottom free Fred from his laboratory prison. More also meanwhile, Fooker contacts Sharon to try and get her help, resulting in a chilly conversation. Still more also meanwhile, the two paths converge, and finally the group reunites. Even still more also meanwhile, Trudy is moving Nick into position to spring her vicious plans, while Chuck shows signs of insubordination. Yet even still more also meanwhile, the rejoined GPF crew share and plan, readying a defense against Trudy's final move, which looms only a few weeks away...
Chapter 8: Wars and Confrontations (July 14, 2002 to October 5, 2002)
The final showdown! Everyone converges on unsuspecting New York City as C.R.U.D.E. delivers an ultimatum: The nations of the world must surrender to them, or New York will be destroyed. What follows is a multi-front battle from the streets of Manhattan to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, as C.R.U.D.E. storm troopers duke it out with U.G.A. elite soldiers. Everyone is split again to fight different fronts, but the most important conflict is for Nick's heart and loyalty, with Ki and Trudy in the center ring. Many surprises abound in this twelve-week grande finale... so don't expect me to give away the details. You'll have to read those for yourself.
Chapter 9: Loosening Up Tied Ends (October 6, 2002 to October 26, 2002)
With the Battle of New York behind them, the remaining GPF crew try to return to some sense of normalcy. Suffice it to say, I can't let that happen. Major changes in the strip occur here, which cannot be easily summarized here. Read on to find out for yourself.
Epilogue: You Knew There Had to be a "But"... (October 27, 2002 to November 2, 2002)
An epilogue with the Gamester and Mischief? Of course, you realize, this means something still isn't quite right....

Year Five: Nov. 2002 to Oct. 2003

Guest Week: Interpretations (November 3, 2002 to November 16, 2002)
In an effort to make up for lost time due to a hand injury in the summer of 2002, I handed over control of the strip for the first two weeks of Year Five to some of the best online cartoonists in the business. See some of their wild takes on the GPF crew!
Reboot (November 17, 2002 to November 30, 2002)
It's back to business for the GPF gang as they move into their new building and try to return to life as normal. Of course, life is rarely normal here at GPF, so expect plenty of surprises... including three new regular cast members!
Girl Talk (December 1, 2002 to December 7, 2002)
Female bonding! Ki and Sharon share some "girl talk" while we get some interesting glimpses into the life and history of GPF's new system administrator.
Slime Mold Roomies from Heck!!! (December 8, 2002 to December 14, 2002)
In Fooker's absence, Fred and Persephone have moved into Nick's apartment. Do you think this will lead to peaceful cohabitation? Nah... that's not my style....
Sashimi and Teriyaki Steak (December 15, 2002 to December 28, 2002)
Nick and Ki finally have an evening to themselves, so Ki takes her man to a hibachi steakhouse. While Nick adjusts to the culture shock, you can prepare yourself for plenty of relationship humor (and a little bit of foreshadowing thrown in for good measure).
The Counsel of Ethendale (December 29, 2002 to January 25, 2003)
When Sharon and Dexter uncover Ki's top-secret fantasy novel on the file server backups, anything can happen....
Relativity (January 26, 2003 to March 1, 2003)
Two stories wrapped into one: Nick, Ki, and Sharon unexpected run into Fooker's younger brother Justin, who reveals some surprising revelations about his family and the history of the U.G.A. Meanwhile, Trudy (on the run from the U.G.A, C.R.U.D.E., the FBI, and just about every other acronym on the planet) pays a quick visit to her relatives: first her cousin Gwynn (from Sluggy Freelance), then her divorced parents. Ready to see just how dysfunctional these families are?
Bowl-A-Rama (March 2, 2003 to March 15, 2003)
Dexter's feeling blue, so how can the team cheer him up? Why, take him bowling, of course!
S1r3n and B0r0m1r (March 16, 2003 to March 22, 2003)
Yoshi's attacking GPF's network again, but why? Could it be just teenage hubris, or is there a more sinister reason? And who is his mysterious online friend "s1r3n?" Yep, it's another one of those spooky, ominous mystery stories, gang....
Sales Pitch (March 23, 2003 to March 29, 2003)
So, was hiring Trent as GPF's new marketing director a good idea? Or will he ruin one of the company's oldest and most faithful accounts?
Adventures in Slime Mold Sitting (March 30, 2003 to April 5, 2003)
Yes, it's perhaps the most contrived plot we've had in a while. But at least we think it's funny. Can the slime molds be trusted to watch Sydney while Dwayne and Nicole are out?
The Other Woman (April 6, 2003 to April 26, 2003)
When the a client's employee seems to have designs on Nick, Ki drags Sharon and Dexter in to help her investigate. However, is there more to mysterious new character Trish than meets the eye?
Freddie Gets Fired (April 27, 2003 to May 3, 2003)
Dr. Fredrick Physarum is out of a job when the online university finally learns he has no credentials. Will Fred turn into the ultimate couch potato, or will Ki come to his rescue?
The MUTEX ReBooted (May 4, 2003 to June 14, 2003)
Nick's Inventor's Gene is in full swing when he creates the ultimate virtual reality machine called the MUTEX. Convincing the rest of the gang to give it a try, the GPF Software crew become trapped in parodies within parodies as they struggle to escape. Parodies include The Matrix, ReBoot, Tron, The Tick, Star Trek, and a few other things I've probably forgotten. Also look for the return of "s1r3n" and a certain time-traveling teenager....
A View to a Kill -9 (June 15, 2003 to July 19, 2003)
Fooker's back! Hot off a brief tour of duty in Iraq, our favorite ubergeek turned secret agent must turn his sights to hunt down the scattered members of C.R.U.D.E., starting with Dr. Nefarious. Can he and Agent #12 capture the evil doctor before he and his "stowaway" henchwomen irradiate the Florida Keys?
2 + 2 = 5 (July 20, 2003 to July 26, 2003)
Finally, we get to see Dexter's and Trent's initial reactions to their new slime mold coworker. Will things get off to a rocky start, or will a good dose of slime smooth things over?
Evil Minds Unite (July 27, 2003 to August 30, 2003)
Now it's Trudy's turn to come back into the spotlight, as she puts into motion a new plan to regain power and influence. In her sights is one Clifford Mayers, founder of the mega-corporation Mayers Corp. and card-carrying member of the mysterious Concordat. But Mayers has his own surreptitious machinations in play, hoping to form an alliance with the sentient A.I. turned dethroned despot Emperor PC. It's a twisted tale of double-crosses, triple-crosses, and quadruple-crosses in this wickedly fun crossover with fellow Keenspot strip Funny Farm.
Short People Got Nobody to Love (August 31, 2003 to September 6, 2003)
It's not easy being a short Asian chick. Love, relationships, and petite women's clothing....
Sister Sharon (September 7, 2003 to October 4, 2003)
The Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair is back, and this time they've set their sights on Sharon. But can this boy's club of hackers handle a sys admin she-geek? Or is there another layer of mystery, as the BotTP's top brass seem to think there's more to a favorite red-head than meets the eye...?
Office Politics (October 5, 2003 to November 1, 2003)
Reminiscent of the GPF Plotline Multiplex!, this story switches back and forth between four intertwined plot threads in typical GPF fashion. Will Dexter become a full employee or head out the door? Will Trent's "pranks" be the death of Fred? Can Sharon stick her foot any farther in her mouth? Will Nick and Ki play tonsil hockey or actually get some work done?

Year Six: Nov. 2003 to Oct. 2004

Schizophrenia (November 2, 2003 to November 29, 2003)
Trish is back, and so is... Trish? Can Ki and Sharon solve the mystery of the two Trishes before one of them permanently disappears?
Season's Meetings (November 30, 2003 to December 27, 2003)
When Ki gets stranded over the Christmas holiday, Nick tries to make the best of things by inviting her home for the holidays. Can she survive the pressure of family and holiday stress, all without drowning in dog drool?
Legal Beagles (December 28, 2003 to January 3, 2004)
Fred seeks legal advice from Nicole as he preps for his lawsuit against Trent. But has our favorite slime mold bitten off more than he can chew? Or is it Nicole that's in deeper trouble that she thinks?
Indecipherable Proposal (January 4, 2004 to January 17, 2004)
When Sharon's old college pal Craig Ridge pays a business call to GPF, it's time for the two to catch up on old times. In true GPF fashion, somebody is bound to misinterpret things and blow them out of proportion. We'll let you guess who.
A Tail of Two Species (January 18, 2004 to February 14, 2004)
The Inventor's Gene has kicked in again, and now Nick's hooked up the MUTEX to his old "Velociraptor" power source. And you know that's a bad thing when this even has the Gamester panicked! Nick and Ki are suddenly transported to another universe, where predator and prey species live in an uneasy civilization, where rabbits can marry wolves and birds secretly rule the world (or at least they used to, until they built computers to do that for them)... sounds almost like something out of Kevin & Kell. Oh, wait... it is out of Kevin & Kell! Two of the Web's biggest comics cross over in this unlikely pairing that has deep and long-last repercussions on both comics. I hope you've caught up on all your archive reading.... ;)
Strange Bedfellows (February 15, 2004 to February 28, 2004)
It's time to check back in on our favorite ex-marketing chick turned failed world despot, and things aren't looking so good. Strange dreams seem to haunt Trudy, and now she's seeing time traveling teenagers and future versions of herself... again. Next thing you know, she'll be seeing tall scary men in green jester caps....
Why-Fi? (February 29, 2004 to March 6, 2004)
It's Sharon vs. Trent, sys admin vs. clueless user, when Trent sets up an unauthorized WiFi access point. Hilarity ensues.
The War of the Words (March 7, 2004 to March 13, 2004)
Fred and Trent are at it again, as the tension between them heats up.
A Match Made in... (March 14, 2004 to April 3, 2004)
Yoshi's having a bad day. First the FBI raids his house, looking for information about his mysterious contact "s1r3n." Then "s1r3n" herself contacts him, wanting to meet in person... and she's nothing like he expected....
The Big Three-Oh (April 4, 2004 to April 17, 2004)
It's an exercise in Murphy's Law when all of Ki's plans for Nick's 30th birthday go down the tubes. (You'd think that being friends with Sharon would get her an exemption or something.)
Dexter's Speed Date (April 18, 2004 to May 1, 2004)
One would think that Dexter would be smart enough not to ask a slime mold for dating advice. Apparently, that's not the case....
Rendez-Vous à Paris (May 2, 2004 to June 26, 2004)
Sharon's trip to Paris with her old friend Craig turns out to be more than she bargained for. Craig gets replaced by a master of disguise who makes passes at her, she gets attacked by sword-swinging and machine-gun-toting henchwomen, and a sexy super-spy is trying to steal her man. But in the end, will she get to go home with the man she loves, or will he leave her behind to ride once again into the sunset? (PS: Yep, Fooker's back.)
Geek Eye for the Luddite Guy (June 27, 2004 to July 3, 2004)
In a light-hearted twist from recent heavier stories, this parody of Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has a decidedly geeky bent.
Homecoming (July 4, 2004 to July 31, 2004)
Fooker has come home to stay, and the gang is throwing him a welcome home party. But when an uninvited Trish crashes the party, everything goes in surprising directions. There's lots of little twists to this story, including an ending that's sure to keep everyone talking.
Habeas Dorkus (August 1, 2004 to August 21, 2004)
Fred may be ready to make peace, but Trent is revving up his libel lawsuit into full gear, and he's not doing it alone. When Trent teams up with young, cut-throat lawyer Mercedes de la Croix, are Fred's days of safety and anonymity at an end?
Take this Job and rm -f it (August 22, 2004 to September 11, 2004)
Fooker finally starts his new job working as a sys admin contractor. But undoubtedly his boss isn't the only one watching his performance. What remains of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair is also reviewing his résumé, and they seem to have an alternate agenda in mind....
Gochisosama Deshita (September 12, 2004 to November 6, 2004)
In another long-awaited story arc, Nick finally meets Ki's parents. Her mother is easy to please, but could Ki's father produce an irreparable rift between our favorite geek lovebirds? And could this finally be the opportunity for Nick to pop the question? I guess you'll have to read the story to find out. ;)

Year Seven: Nov. 2004 to Oct. 2005

Alpha Female (November 7, 2004 to November 20, 2004)
Ki and Sharon have always been buddy-buddy. But could that change when Dwayne pits them against each other in a new project?
The Mouths of Babes (November 21, 2004 to November 27, 2004)
It's father-daughter time for Dwayne and Sydney. But is a certain three-year-old getting a little too big for her britches?
Fifth Wheel (November 28, 2004 to December 18, 2004)
Sharon is feeling sorry for Dexter since he's become their "fifth wheel," so she convinces the gang to help her find him a date. But when they find a reluctant volunteer, will a wild card get thrown into the mix to make things interesting? (You've probably been reading this comic long enough; you tell me! ;)
Cold Aggression (December 19, 2004 to January 1, 2005)
The other sys admins in the building have a bone to pick with Sharon, and they're ready to take it to the battle field. The snowball fight battle field, that is. But Sharon has a secret weapon, with years of covert training: Fooker!
Prudent Jurisprudence (January 2, 2005 to January 22, 2005)
After some cold posturing by Mercedes de la Croix, Nicole is beginning to doubt her ability to defend Fred in his impending lawsuit with Trent. But after some extra support from her client, the pair begin to formulate a strategy. With the help of Prof. Wisebottom, they've got a new line of attack... but will it be enough to overcome Mercedes' slick legal manipulations?
I Dream of Fooky (January 23, 2005 to January 29, 2005)
A quick little one-weeker on Fooker and Sharon's relationship. After Fooker has a bizarre, Mac-filled dream, he begins to wonder about where he and Sharon are headed, and if their route will eventually take them chasing after Nick and Ki to the altar. Will Sharon set his mind at ease, or will they looking for a Justice of the Peace?
Providence (January 30, 2005 to March 5, 2005)
In another dramatic turn, Trudy narrowly escapes capture by the UGA, only to be terribly injured and fall into the most unlikely of hands: Dr. Akhilesh Seghal. Snowed in by a fierce blizzard and confined by her wounds, will Trudy confront the demons of her past and seek redemption, or will she plunge even deeper into her spiral of self-hate and madness? Already in the running to be one of GPF's most controversial story arcs, this one's for all those people who kept calling Trudy one-dimensional back in Years One through Three.
Pre-marital Perturbation (March 6, 2005 to March 19, 2005)
There are few things more stressful than planning a wedding. Are Nick and Ki up to the task?
Remote Control (March 20, 2005 to April 2, 2005)
After a quick visit to Professor Wisebottom's lab, Fred discovers a new addition to his bag of tricks: the ability to control other people's bodies. You know what they say, however... power corrupts, and in Fred's opinion, Trent's been begging for some embarrassment.
Crisis in Infinite MUTEXes (April 3, 2005 to May 14, 2005)
It's time for another trip to the MUTEX, and this time Nick leads the gang into a universe based on his super hero comics. But, as usual, they've bitten off more than they can chew, and they're in for one exciting adventure. This story features some of Jeff's most intricate artwork and a cameo by one of Jeff's more bizarre non-GPF characters. It's one roller coaster ride you'll never forget.
Genetics (May 15, 2005 to May 28, 2005)
Sharon's adoptive parents arrive to give her some amazing news: some court records have been unsealed and the name of Sharon's birth mother has been revealed. When she investigates her true heritage, will she be shocked by what she finds?
You're "The One" That I Want (May 29, 2005 to June 25, 2005)
Dwayne's big expansion finally takes place, and guess who's brought in as contractors to fill in the gaps? Scott and Tim, the "Zero One" and "One Zero" from the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair. Now that their two lone candidates for "The One" work under the same roof as they do, will their prophecy finally be fulfilled? Or they find out that their search is a lot more complicated than anyone could have thought...?
Felis Regina (June 26, 2005 to July 2, 2005)
Anyone who has ever "owned" a cat knows who the real master of the house is. It's no different in the GPF universe, only sometimes they have friends in high places we never know about....
Assuming Arguendo (July 3, 2005 to August 20, 2005)
Finally! Fred and Trent's lawsuit hits the courthouse. Will Fred survive being thrust into the limelight, or will he be on his way to the poor house, paying off his legal debts? This one's got a surprising twist ending that nobody predicted, so don't miss this one!
Prometheus One (August 21, 2005 to September 17, 2005)
Now that the Star Wars saga is complete and Star Trek: Enterprise is off the air, Dexter is suffering from sci-fi withdrawals. At Ki's prompting, he turns some of his old fan fiction into an all new story. Could Ki be far from the only budding author about the office?
Sam (September 18, 2005 to October 29, 2005)
Ki finally reveals to Nick about her old college boyfriend—excuse me, her fiancé. How will Nick react to the news? Will he be able to cope with the darker parts of his bride-to-be's past?
A Picture's Worth... (October 30, 2005 to November 5, 2005)
A nice little artistic experiment: An entire GPF story told completely without words. Can Fred and Sharon peacefully coexist under one roof?
Guest Week: Interpretations II (November 6, 2005 to November 19, 2005)
We briefly delayed the start of Year Eight to bring back another batch of guest artists and their interpretations of the GPF crew. Lots of wacky stuff in this one, including an exclusive look at one of our Keenspot PREMIUM exclusive features.

To Thine Own Self...

Like Year Four, Year Eight is one big story arc comprising of 50 weeks. Summing up the events of the previous three years (while continuing to build on the four before that), this massive tale brings the crew head-to-head with the darkest parts of their own souls. Already receiving more praise than our previous epic Surreptitious Machinations, we proudly present...To Thine Own Self...:

(Note: You will likely notice a discrepancy with some of the dates during this "year". That's because the comic suffered a number of update interruptions due to the birth of my son. However, the story continues to be a single unit and although this "year" really spans over two physical years, it will still be treated as a single "year" in the archive.)

Chapter One (November 20, 2005 to December 31, 2005)
The big event is finally here and preparations are in full swing. But when Nick's sister mysteriously can't make it, Trish is called in as a last-ditch replacement bridesmaid. Things get even more complicated with a mysterious phone call for Fooker and Trish vanishing into thin air! Then add Ki, acting rather out of character, seducing Nick into the MUTEX for a pre-nuptial virtual excursion and things really begin to get confusing. Oh, and did we forget to mention Yoshi conjuring Trudy from his own MUTEX clone?
Chapter Two (January 1, 2006 to February 4, 2006)
It's wedding day and everything seems to be going well... until Fooker discovers a "Dear John" letter left for Ki. Fortunately, nobody believes it and foul play is instantly suspected. Yoshi and Trudy also appear, but Fooker stops Ki from rearranging Trudy's face by explaining that she isn't "our" Trudy. How's this? That's because the U.G.A. has arrived with another Trudy in tow! Meanwhile, Nick finds himself in the MUTEX, but something isn't right. When "Ki" fails to pass a simple test, he begins to assume nothing is as it seems.
Chapter Three (February 5, 2006 to March 25, 2006)
The mystery of the dual Trudys is finally revealed and a new quest to rescue Nick unveiled. We learn of a parallel world, similar yet markedly different from our own, where a tiny twist of fate takes things in a horrible direction. Old familiar faces return in a new light while many mysterious glances are exchanged. Meanwhile, Nick comes face to face with... himself, and finds he doesn't like the reflection he sees.
Chapter Four (March 26, 2006 to April 29, 2006)
We begin this chapter with a simple enough revelation: the identity of Trudy's long lost sister. We then have our first slime mold/alien encounter, the Emperor's mysterious benefactor, a Ki and Trudy heart-to-heart (with no bloodshed, surprisingly), and a rescue plan.
Chapter Five (April 30, 2006 to June 10, 2006)
As Nick stalls and talks to Ki's double to buy the others time, the rescue plan gets underway. We learn more about the Grey aliens than we ever wanted to know, meet Sharon's and Dexter's counterparts, and learn why Fooker will be dumping all his 401k profits into male-pattern baldness cures once he gets back.
Chapter Six (June 11, 2006 to August 2, 2006)
Everything comes to a head as most of the rescue party is captured and brought to the Emperor's lab. Pi and Planck rally the alien troops while the Emperor gloats. Meanwhile, Justin faces a dilemma of two Fookers while Lord Dexter the Diabolical discovers the party is only just getting started.
Chapter Seven (August 4, 2006 to October 8, 2007)
War! The Greys' arch enemies have invaded and our heroes are trapped in the palace, the invaders' prime target. Alliances are formed, traitors are revealed, and Fooker learns a secret that may change things forever. But how can you be sure things are really that bad? The Gamester himself steps into the fray for some entity-on-entity smack-down action. Oh, and don't forget the rousing game of "Which Trudy is it this time?"
Chapter Eight (October 15, 2007 to March 3, 2008)
Everyone's home safe, but not necessarily sound. Our newlyweds are finally hitched and the celebrations have begun, but like story in GPF, endings can raise more questions than provide answers....

Year Nine: Mar. 2008 to Oct. 2008

Business as Usual (March 10, 2008 to April 4, 2008)
Now that everyone's back in their respective universes, it's back to business as usual. That's easy to say when you don't have a celebrity slime mold on staff, your contractors don't revere your sys admin as the mother of their geek Messiah, and your marketing director isn't masquerading as her counterpart from another universe when she's really the same woman who ruined your business and nearly got you killed several years ago, but now she's supposedly had a change of heart. Just the usual light-hearted romp that GPF is known for as we get back to "simpler" times.
The Honeymooners (April 7, 2008 to May 23, 2008)
Nick and Ki are finally married, and naturally the happy couple are off to enjoy a restful and romantic honeymoon. Then again, this is GPF, so nothing can go according to plan. A geek cruise, a deserted island, and the return of an old nemesis remind us that not every plot thread can be tied up neatly.
iDilemma (May 26, 2008 to June 13, 2008)
With a little help from Dexter, Nick's PDA has finally gone to the great HotSync in the sky. Now without his "external brain" he's completely useless. Will Nick become a technology lemming and Apple zombie, or will Ki's mental budget put a crimp in his Ethernet?
Pride Goeth Before... (June 16, 2008 to July 4, 2008)
Fred is calling it quits at GPF! With his celebrity status skyrocketing, he just can't answer the phones while jet-setting across the country for TV interviews. But is his new-found fame and fortune going to his nucleus? And what does Fooker know that's driven a rift between them?
Harry Barker and the Napier's Bones (July 7, 2008 to October 31, 2008)
Scott's snooping has finally driven Sharon over the edge and his quest for "the One" has invaded her dreams. Mixed with late night dose of Harry Potter, she envisions a world of hacking "wizards", clueless "luddies", and a sinister villain out to end her son's hacking career before it begins. Packed with some of the most concentrated and obscure geek jokes ever to appear in the strip, this Potter parody has a little bit of something for everyone.

Year Ten: Nov. 2008 to Oct. 2009

As Time Goes By (November 3, 2008 to December 5, 2008)
Dwayne's present for Nick's ten-year service anniversary conjures up old memories as Nick recounts his tale of his first project after being hired at GPF Software. Since we already know the outcome (he obviously wasn't fired), find out how Nick survived this software engineering "project from heck".
Bog of Bloodbath (January 5, 2009 to January 23, 2009)
When the three discover none of them have holiday plans, Dexter and Tim drag Patty kicking and screaming into a rousing session of Bog of Bloodbath, the massively multi-player online role playing game (say that five times fast). But when Dex brings the MUTEX into the plan, things don't quite go according to plan.
Whole for the Holidays (January 26, 2009 to February 27, 2009)
Sharon invites Fooker and Trudy to her adoptive parents' house for the holidays. Can the new-found siblings survive the encounter, and will Trudy keep from blowing her secret about which universe she's really from?
Bloodbath: Staff of the Licorice Queen (March 2, 2009 to March 27, 2009)
As Dexter, Tim, and Patty continue to trudge through the virtual world of Bog of Bloodbath, Nick and Ki discover that all things are not well with the MUTEX. Ki follows the others into the game while Nick investigates from the outside, and together they discover that someone out there isn't playing entirely fair....
Doing Time (March 30, 2009 to April 24, 2009)
So what have the incarcerated members of C.R.U.D.E. been up to since their capture by the U.G.A.? It's time to check in with our favorite secret agents and super villains to see what's going on in the James Baud set. But there's a cryptic mystery afoot, and there's bound to be more questions than answers....
Bloodbath: The Not-So-Hot Seat (April 27, 2009 to June 5, 2009)
The Bog of Bloodbath saga continues as Nick, Ki, Dexter, Patty, and Tim finally confront the hacker turning Bloodbath into his own private playground. Will our heroes prevail, or will MMORPGs never be safe again. Expect a nice little twist at the end that may potentially change the shape of GPF's future forever.
Things Former, Things Present (June 8, 2009 to September 5, 2009)
Professor Wisebottom is finally retiring, but a slip of the tongue accidentally reveals a previously undocumented chapter in the development of his infamous time machine. What follows is a bizarre flashback to 1948 with two frazzled time travelers and a fledgling crackpot inventor named Otto. Originally released online in 2003 as part of Jim Alexander's venerable comic strip Algernon's Dilemma, it now becomes an official part of the GPF continuity as a lengthy guest stint, with a prologue and epilogue written by Jeff.
A Goddess Among Us (September 7, 2009 to October 30, 2009)
Outside the flow of time as we perceive it, Todd and an injured Mischief escape the Celestial Nursery through a mysterious portal, finding themselves in what appears to be modern Earth. There's just one problem: Mischief has lost her memories and apparently her powers. How mortal has she become? All too human, it seems. When an accident threatens to end her brief mortal existence, how will Todd cope with the weight of knowing the fate of the Cosmos may rest on his shoulders?

Year Eleven: Nov. 2009 to Oct. 2010

Nocturnal Omissions (November 2, 2009 to November 27, 2009)
Nick has a rude awakening: a sex dream... about Trudy! But he neglects to include that last little detail when he informs Ki. What follows is a snowball effect of misinformation, wild speculation, and professional embarrassment. But it's all just a random firing of neurons... isn't it?
Mating Dance (November 30, 2009 to December 25, 2009)
Continuing our theme of misguided romantic entanglements, Dexter is pining for Patty, who hasn't forgiven him for the Bog of Bloodbath incident. Ki steps in to help, putting Patty on a path toward making a fateful decision. But will Dexter's extracurricular activities put a crimp in their courtship rituals? Expect a little surprise that's been a good five years in the making.
Does Fooker Dream of Electric Sheep? (December 28, 2009 to January 22, 2010)
Fooker has long resisted the mixed blessing and curse of the modern mobile phone. But when Sharon objects to him being off the grid, it's time for him to step into the 21st century. However, will his new-found mobile freedom spell disaster for his work life and his wallet?
Family Ties (January 25, 2010 to February 12, 2010)
Sharon and Trudy have begun regular meetings to compare notes in their joint search for their elusive mother. But they're not the only one with vested interests. Can Trudy keep her true identity secret, or has a certain former super spy connected a few too many dots?
Pearls Before Swine (February 15, 2010 to March 12, 2010)
In a frantic late-night binge coding session, Nick has created the ultimate "killer app", the one perfect program that no computer user can do without. But when he decides to release his masterpiece as Open Source, he gets more than he bargained for.
Dancing Turns Bizarre (March 15, 2010 to April 23, 2010)
With his celebrity status waning, Fred takes a desperate measure to keep in the public eye: he becomes a contestant on Dancing with the Stars! Can our favorite sentient slime mold cut a rug with no limbs to speak of? Or will this be his swan song into has-been obscurity?
Daddy's Girl (April 26, 2010 to May 7, 2010)
Nicole leaves Dwayne and Sydney home alone for a few days, so it's time for some quality father-daughter time. But Sydney is growing up a little too fast for Dwayne's comfort.
Arms Race (May 10, 2010 to June 4, 2010)
A "rubber band war" breaks out in the GPF Software office, and it's contractors vs. employees. As the welts and melodrama escalate, one thing becomes alarmingly clear: don't mess with Nick when he's "in the zone". He's Switzerland... with tactical nukes.
All Pain, No Gain (June 7, 2010 to July 9, 2010)
Dexter's doctor has given him an ultimatum: Lose 100 pounds quickly but safely, or suffer some long-term consequences to his health. Unsure of where to turn, he seeks aid from the one person he knows how best fits his situation: Sharon. Can she help Dex shed the pounds and improve his chances, or will other forces sabotage him from the start?
Heartbreak (July 12, 2010 to October 15, 2010)
When the team heads off to exhibit at a business conference, all heck breaks loose. Ghosts from the past return, soul searching occurs, and one heart is literally broken. This major set piece for Year Eleven will change the course of several lives at GPF Software and reconnect story arcs we haven't seen in years.
Peach Fuzz (October 18, 2010 to October 29, 2010)
Nick grows a beard. No one notices.

Year Twelve: Nov. 2010 to Oct. 2011

Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas (November 1, 2010 to March 18, 2011)
Sharon's subconscious runs away with her again as a run-in with Scott at the movies triggers yet another dream of her offspring who may become the Brotherhood's "the One". In this parody of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Barker and his pals face a mystery that threatens all the students at Hollerith's School of Phreaking and Hacking. Who is the Sysop of Mitnick? What terror lurks in the Chat Room of Enigmas? Why should you never let Don use his broken mouse? Action, hilarity, and geekiness abounds, along with a bit of important foreshadowing at the end.
Smart Phones, Dumb People (March 21, 2011 to April 15, 2011)
Goodman Rubber's Mr. Jones comes to GPF with a lucrative proposal: help build a cross-platform mobile application for his entrepreneurial son. Could this be an amazing new direction for our favorite little software firm, or might the gang be biting off more than they can chew? (C'mon... you guys have read this comic for how many years now? What do you think?)
Roll for Initiative (April 18, 2011 to May 13, 2011)
Patty's surprise visit to Dexter's apartment gets the tables turned on to her when she interrupts game night with Lynn and their friends. The next thing she knows, she's rolling up stats and checking saving throws. Can Patty survive an impromptu adventure, or will her barbarian princess hand Dex his cod piece... in pieces?
Masquerade (May 16, 2011 to October 28, 2011)
Dwayne sends Nick and Trudy on a week-long business trip out of town, complete with an elegant formal banquet. While both of them have reservations concerning the trip (and quite obviously so does Ki), their immediate concerns are ultimately the least of their worries. What transpires is a wild ride filled with unexpected returns, intimate encounters, inexplicable twists, and one action-packed, thrilling car chase conclusion. Ending on a cliffhanger that will sure to leave Faulties talking for some time to come, this story might just dramatically changes the course of GPF, possibly for years to come.

Year Thirteen: Nov. 2011 to Oct. 2012

Three's a Crowd (October 31, 2011 to November 18, 2011)
Fooker and Sharon decide to take Ki out to dinner to keep her company while Nick is out of town. But a friendly gesture soon backfires when one member of the trio feels left out in the cold.
Oblivious (November 21, 2011 to March 30, 2012)
In the follow-up to Year Twelve's Masquerade, Fooker and Ki immediately rush north in response to a call from the hospital: Nick and Trudy are in grave condition. Along the way, a secret is revealed that will change the dynamic within GPF Software dramatically. Meanwhile, Trudy struggles with amnesia and her uncertainty over her feelings for Nick, while Nick's condition worsens and he slips into a coma. Unfortunately, the pair are not out of the woods yet. Someone may be out to finish the job left incomplete when they fled Lakatos, and the list of potential murderers is steadily growing. Who is on which side? And when the assassin is finally revealed, will he or she find themselves in someone else's sights?
The Harder They Fall (April 2, 2012 to April 13, 2012)
A quiet evening alone for Dexter and Patty is interrupted by an unexpected visit from Fred, who has finally hit rock bottom. Will Dex have pity on the fallen gelatinous celebrity, or will he kick his cytoplasm to the curb?
Band of Brothers (April 16, 2012 to May 11, 2012)
As Scott and Tim warn Sharon of an impending Brotherhood civil war, the opposing faction prepares to test their leading candidate for the title of "the One". Which will be the bigger surprise: who that candidate may be, or what "thePR0PH3T" choses to reveal when he arrives?
Sheep in Wolves' Clothing (May 14, 2012 to June 15, 2012)
As Fooker's brother Justin agonizes over the mystery surrounding Mr. Inertia, strange events are unfolding in the former C.R.U.D.E. agent's cell. One of GPF's biggest, longest held secrets will finally be revealed, just in time to lay ominous foundations for events soon to come.
Is You Is or Is You Ain't my Trudy? (June 18, 2012 to July 13, 2012)
It's the showdown you've been waiting for, but will the outcome be what you expect? Frustrated by Sharon's doting upon the still-recovering Trudy, Ki decides it's time to confront her old nemesis and let her know she knows her secret. Now that Trudy's true identity is in the open, will Ki expose her to the world, or will she hold her tongue to protect her best friend Sharon?
A House Divided (July 16, 2012 to August 17, 2012)
Trapped within his own mind, in a virtual prison of his own imagination, Emperor Nicholas the Puissant (aka "Nega-Nick") struggles against the alien captor who now dominates his body. Will these two adversaries form an unlikely alliance in order to convincingly impersonate Nick, or will their internal struggle reveal their deception? Bonus: we get to see Ki in her bra again.
Tête-à-Tête (August 20, 2012 to September 14, 2012)
When the office becomes uncharacteristically empty, Patty finds herself thrown into a task with Fooker. Things get a bit more awkward when the two realize that they've never worked together on the same project alone. It's a quick, spirited sparring match between two strong, opinionated wills! Surely nothing unpleasant could come from this...
Potpourri (September 17, 2012 to November 2, 2012)
In our grand tradition of year-end stories filled with wildly overlapping plot lines, we end Year Thirteen with plenty of twisty goodness built upon the past several years. Can "Nick" and Trudy recall what happened to them at Lakatos? Will Emperor Nicholas and his alien slaver be revealed for what they are? Will Tim come out of the closet, or will someone else be outed instead? Will Fred finally get the upper hand on his stalker, Socrates? And just who among all the disparate, improbable choices will be joining the GPF Software staff?

Year Fourteen: Nov. 2012 to Oct. 2013

Recap (November 5, 2012 to December 7, 2012)
Finally recovered from her long "illness", "Good" Trish has a new lease on life and an opportunity provided from a woman she barely knows. However, this opportunity comes with a few strings attached, primarily the stigma created by her "evil" alternate from the "Negaverse". Can she and her new coworkers overcome old prejudices, or will some past sins be too difficult to forgive?
Transposition (December 10, 2012 to January 11, 2013)
Feigning illness, "Nega-Nick" and his alien captor score a day home alone to tackle one of their chief objectives: deciphering the elusive MUTEX and Velociraptor combination. But a chance electrical shock results in a turning of the tables, giving the former Emperor a decided advantage. Will he succeed in removing his parasitic puppet master, and will he finally exact revenge on one of his primary targets, Ki?
There Can Be Only One (January 14, 2013 to February 15, 2013)
Under the promise of finally being free of the Brotherhood's "draft", Patty lures Fooker and Sharon to an abandoned arcade where "thePR0PH3T" has called a clandestine meeting of the Twisted Pair. There's a catch, however: they're not the only ones invited. As two factions of the Brotherhood vie for dominance, one major question looms in the air: who, exactly, will be "the One"?
Coup d'État (February 18, 2013 to March 29, 2013)
Deep within the U.G.A.'s covert headquarters/prison, the run-of-the-mill intrigue has been replaced with something far more sinister. After Justin and Maddie debate each other's latest suspicions, everything else comes to a grinding halt. Shocking news arrives concerning "Amadeus'" sudden resignation, followed quickly by his even more surprising replacement. As the agents prepare to face a new insidious threat, two extra-terrestrial observers find themselves with the prospect of interstellar war. With a stunning reveal over a decade in the making, this story lays the groundwork for truly dark and foreboding events to follow.
Duets (April 1, 2013 to May 31, 2013)
It's the battle of the odd couples as Dwayne pairs off Trudy with "Nick" and Patty with Trish to set up their next set of projects. While Patty seems reluctant to accept Trish's persistent claims that she isn't the woman Patty first encountered, "Nega-Nick" and his alien stowaway discover a dangerous new ability that may put Trudy's future in danger.
Gordian Not (June 3, 2013 to July 19, 2013)
While originally content to share Fooker's desire to date steadily but forgo marriage, Sharon is now having second thoughts. However, convincing our favorite spy-turned-übergeek isn't going to be easy. There's a lot of painful history behind his stance, most of which centers around the enigmatic figure of his father, Lionel Barker. As Fooker recounts his father's illustrious career and their rocky relationship, will the retelling drawn he and Sharon closer together... or will it drive a permanent wedge between them?
A Jolly Farce of Anachronistic Delights (July 22, 2013 to August 23, 2013)
When Trish invites Dexter to attend a Renaissance fair, Patty finds herself reluctantly tagging along. As she tries to keep up in an unfamiliar environment, Patty is also forced to re-evaluate her relationship with both Dex and Trish. Basically, if you like to see Patty get tortured, you'll like this one.
Solitaire (August 26, 2013 to September 13, 2013)
While the rest of the gang is busy with their normal day-to-day business, Ki feels cut off and isolated, stuck at a customer site hundreds of miles away. What's a girl to do when she's in a strange town by herself and with tons of free time on her hands?
Are You Being Severed? (September 16, 2013 to November 1, 2013)
A little sisterly bonding mall trip turns into a mysterious interrogation when Trudy and Sharon bump into their mother's former butler and confidant, Reeves. As the pair dodge his sexual innuendos, they quickly learn their mother's criminal activities have recently taken some even more unusual turns. Will they uncover her current whereabouts, or will Reeves lead them even further away from his former employer?

Scylla and Charybdis

Years Fifteen and Sixteen introduce our third massive "mega-arc", Scylla and Charybdis. Building upon the events that have been brewing since all they way back in Year One, this monstrosity is the culmination of nearly everything that has come before it, shattering everything you have come to know and expect from GPF Software and its employees. I can guarantee you, nothing will be the same once this story is done.

Prologue (November 4, 2013 to November 15, 2013)
Brooding from some mysterious location, Colonel Lionel Barker, father of brothers Jason "Fooker" Barker and Justin, contemplates mysterious events that are about to unfold. With a brief dip into ancient Greek mythology and American Revolutionary history, the Colonel seems resolved to carry out his plans to the bitter end, despite reservations that few will understand his motives.
Chapter One (November 18, 2013 to January 10, 2014)
It's business as usual at GPF Software. As the team tests a new in-house geo-location game called "Friend Field", they also split off to tackle separate tasks. "Nick" (really "Nega-Nick" from the "Negaverse") and Trudy are off on another trip for a few days to meet with a client, Ki is still out of town but on her way home, and Fooker and Sharon have a few days off to prepare for their upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Dexter, Patty, and Fred have a mysterious errand to run, and before they know it, Trish is tagging along as well. As the team parts ways, we begin setting the stage for the chaos to come, especially when Fooker and Sharon stumble onto unexpected visitors....
Chapter Two (January 13, 2014 to April 4, 2014)
Fred's mysterious errand is finally revealed: he's off to confront his ever persistent stalker, "Socrates". But when he, Dexter, Patty, and Trish arrive at an abandoned junk yard, they find "Socrates" is not what any of them expect. Meanwhile, Trudy grapples with her loss of control around "Nick", struggling to keep him and the "link" between them out of her thoughts. "Nega-Nick", on the other hand, seems to leverage this weakness to his fullest advantage. As our focus returns to Fooker, Sharon, and their surprise visitors, Fooker's brother Justin recounts a tale filled with swirling twists and daring escapes, until the group quickly discovers they need to make another escape of their own...
Chapter Three (April 7, 2014 to August 22, 2014)
In this gargantuan chapter, our multiple threads dance around each other, occasionally weaving a complex but interlocking tale. Socrates gives us new insight into Fred's true origins, changing everything we've ever known about our gelatinous friend. Meanwhile, Fooker, Sharon, and Justin find themselves in the company of the mysterious Grey aliens and are awakened to the true scope of the Physaric threat. As these two threads converge, we get conflicting perspectives on the origin of both alien species and their long running conflict. We also hear the embarrassing tale of how the "Mister Inertia mech" came to be and are reunited with a long lost old friend. Finally, Trudy gives "Nega-Nick" the cold shoulder until a fiery confrontation leads to a much hotter climax....
Chapter Four (August 25, 2014 to November 28, 2014)
This chapter is literally out of this world as all our heroes (and villains) find themselves aboard one of two alien space ships. Aboard the Grey vessel, Ki is reunited with the husband she didn't know she'd lost, but Nick didn't know he was lost to begin with... or that he has a wife. At the same time, Pi and Planck reveal the mysterious Physarics to Fooker, Sharon, and Justin, forcing Fooker to reveal why he's been giving Fred the cold shoulder for the past few years. As Sharon and Justin confront Fooker over his knee-jerk assumptions, our attention shifts to Patty, Dexter, and Trish (with a hidden Persephone in tow), who find themselves aboard the Physaric ship and the unwitting guests of Colonel Lionel Barker, the self-proclaimed "savior of the human race" (despite, you know, his apparent aiding the Physarics in their conquest of Earth). Meanwhile, "Nega-Nick's" tryst with Trudy leads to their capture and transport deep into the bowels of the Physaric ship, where they each make separate unexpected discoveries....
Chapter Five (December 1, 2014 to March 13, 2015)
Colonel Barker's mysterious plan is finally revealed as he chronicles his past connections with the Physarics and his research into the Greys. His analogy to Odysseus is made plain as Earth faces its own passage "between Scylla and Charybdis", the two warring alien factions that threaten to devastate the planet. Just how does he plan to save the human race while seeming to steer it into slavery? Meanwhile, Fred confronts his lost past and must make a choice between the legacy he never knew he had and the only planet he's ever called home. Elsewhere, Trudy's reunion with her mother unravels further mysteries about her relationship with the Colonel, as well as a heartbreaking revelation sure to have future ramifications for her and Sharon....
Chapter Six (March 16, 2015 to June 19, 2015)
The solar system's grandest poker game begins as the Grey Seventh Fleet arrives, evening the odds between the two alien factions and ensuring that interstellar war is all but inevitable. As Fooker fills in the Grand Protuberance on the situation, Ki revives Nick's memories, prompting him to come up a "last ditch idea" to hold off the war. Chekhov's gun eventually fires and our separated heroes finally reestablish contact, giving Nick a chance to formulate a plan. Earth's first interplanetary peace conference gets off to a rocky start as Colonel Barker accelerates his plans, forcing Nick to play his trump card. However, the double-crosses are far from over as the Greys seize their opportunity to attack. With little other choice, Nick is forced to play his ace in the hole, sending our story to only one fateful conclusion....
Chapter Seven (June 22, 2015 to September 18, 2015)
The fireworks are over; now it's time to deal with the aftermath. As our heroes reunite, Nick plays the reluctant diplomat while suspiciously avoiding his friends' lingering questions. When they finally do corner him, his answer to the fate of the Earth leaves a lot to be desired. Meanwhile, the Colonel and the Key Master are detained, while the Physarics offer Fred a last chance to return to the home he never knew. As the gang attempts to adjust to their new lives, they draw solace in one blessed event: Fooker and Sharon are finally married, with the Great Skaboola officiating, no less!
Epilogue I (September 21, 2015 to October 9, 2015)
As the Physaric fleet retreats from Earth's solar system, something sinister stirs within the (literal) bowels of one of their ships. In true GPF fashion, no story ends without leaving key plot threads dangling, and this may be the biggest unresolved plot thread of them all...
Epilogue II (October 12, 2015 to October 30, 2015)
Not one, but two epilogues! The repercussions Nick's actions stretch far and wide, and they will not go unnoticed. But what happens when two of the most powerful entities in the known Cosmos are powerless to stop these events, and equally unsure how to repair the damage?

Year Seventeen: Nov. 2015 to Oct. 2016

The New Status Quo (November 2, 2015 to December 25, 2015)
The gang slowly begins to adjust to their new lives in space. There's strange food, irradiating "showers", and a big whopping sense of "What now?" Nick attempts a "state of the union" address to rally the humans... with less than stellar results. Meanwhile, other unanswered questions give rise to friction in the ranks. Will Sharon ever get to meet her mother? Why is Fooker still avoiding talking to his father? Can Nick, Ki, and Trudy come to a truce long enough to join forces? And what, if anything, can be done to find the missing Earth?
Enemy Whine (December 28, 2015 to January 29, 2016)
As Nick tries to prep the MUTEX for its new role in finding the Earth, he starts handing out assignments. For Fred, it's tutoring Pi to be his backup MUTEX "operator". Pi, on the other hand, isn't thrilled with this plan and has no intention of sitting down to work with "the enemy". His buddy Planck, however, has a devious plan to fix that....
One Good VLURM Deserves Another (February 1, 2016 to February 19, 2016)
Fooker is given the task of learning the Greys' alien programming language, VLURM, and writing drivers to allow it to talk to Nick's hardware. Planck sees this task as impossible; Fooker quips, "Once you've learned one programming language, you've learned them all." Will GPF's resident "ubergeek" work his coding magic even on alien tech, or will his hubris finally get the better of him?
The Hippocratic Oaf (February 22, 2016 to March 18, 2016)
As Doctor Melanie Granger begins to settle into her new role as "chief medical officer", she also has to break in her new "nurse", Medical Drone #6022140, also known as Avogadro. Granger and Avogadro meet with each of our main heroes, giving us a chance to review their medical pasts and potential future challenges. Get ready for a few reminders, a few early warning signs, and one whopper of a bombshell that will (hopefully) keep everyone guessing for months to come!
Inquisitio Parentum (March 21, 2016 to April 22, 2016)
After getting her sister and best friend distracted by a verbal sparring match, Sharon sets off on a forbidden quest to find and finally meet her birth mother, Esther Matusevitch. Along the way, she learns that the Greys may not be as open and welcoming to the humans as everyone thought, and that Fooker's frustrations about his father, Colonel Barker, are not unfounded. The Colonel's revelations shake Sharon to her core, but will they color her opinions once she finally finds what she's sought for so long?
Naught Couture (April 25, 2016 to May 20, 2016)
Disgruntled with the drab and colorless gray jumpsuits that she and her fellow humans have been forced to wear, Trudy embarks on a mission to liven up everyone's available fashions. Along the way, she meets resistance from annoyingly practical geeks and indifference from optically superior aliens. When she finally strikes a chord with other female dissidents, her not-so-epic quest finally ends in the revelation of the jumpsuits' origin and sweet revenge against her most sarcastic obstacle.
The Sum of All (Human) Knowledge (May 23, 2016 to June 10, 2016)
While Pi has his suspicions surrounding Nick's mysterious Velociraptor power source, Dexter raises another fundamental question: if the MUTEX requires Internet access to operate, how can they use it to find the Earth when the Internet vanished along with the planet? The Greys have an answer for that conundrum, but are the humans prepared to sacrifice the information that may be irrevocably lost...?
Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband (June 13, 2016 to October 28, 2016)
As Sharon feels overwhelmed by the enormity of the team's task of finding Earth, her thoughts wander to those left behind, especially Dwayne. Exhausted by the mental exertion, she falls asleep, triggering yet another Harry Potter parody. In this hash of Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and his friends must contend with the escape of the notorious criminal "Serious" Nick, whom rumor has it is out to kill Harry. Meanwhile, Harry comes under the tutelage of Professor Duncan, a former friend of his parents with a grudge against Professor Sysape and a terrible secret. Geeky jokes mix with non-stop action as this parody proves just how nerdy we can be!

Year Eighteen: Nov. 2016 to Oct. 2017

There's a Contaminant in the Dihydrogen Monoxide (October 31, 2016 to December 9, 2016)
As the team gears up to their first universe-hopping search for Earth, three of our leading ladies come down with an unexpected case of nausea. It turns out that at least one of them might be pregnant, but a conveniently contrived reason prevents us from knowing who... or how many.
Confession (December 12, 2016 to January 20, 2017)
Years of conflict finally boil down to a fateful discussion between Nick, Ki, and Trudy. Trudy has proclaimed for a while now that she's changed, but after all her lies and betrayal, can our main geek couple truly come to trust her? At the same time, her startling confession reveals a few other surprises that are sure to turn our heroes' world upside down, especially the fact that their greatest enemy may still be a threat...
Strange New Worlds (January 23, 2017 to March 3, 2017)
The inaugural mission to search for the missing Earth kicks off with a bang as Nick, Fooker, Patty, and Trish find themselves hopping from one unexpected destination to the next as the audience of volunteers watch. There's an homage to a classic newspaper comic, some experimentation with wildly different art styles, and maybe a dinosaur or two before the volunteers realize just what hi-jinx they've gotten themselves into. But they're not the only ones watching the proceedings and, despite the fun, an ominous tone has been set for the future...
Chimera (March 6, 2017 to April 14, 2017)
A small group of insiders pull themselves aside to discuss the origins and ramifications of Trudy's new telepathic "abilities" and to test their extent. In the process, human and Physaric biology is explored and limits are tested, especially how many quips Fooker can make at Trudy's expense. One secret is hinted at and another is revealed, leading to a sisterly confrontation that's been a long time coming....
The Summons (April 17, 2017 to May 19, 2017)
Just as Nick and Ki settle in for the night and finally get a few minutes alone to contemplate becoming parents, an alien ship arrives in the solar system, putting the Greys on high alert. The Great Skaboola has a theory about the newcomers' presence, the implications of which don't sit well with Nick. Worse yet, Nick has been "summoned" to appear before the Supreme Fu, the Greys' supreme leader, on the Greys' home planet, taking himself and Ki away from the search for Earth for about a month. What surprises await our main couple in interstellar space, and how will the rest of the gang cope without their geek commander-in-chief?
The Legend of Patricia (May 22, 2017 to July 14, 2017)
A routine search-for-Earth mission turns into a grand adventure when Dexter, Patty, Trish, and newcomer Chris find themselves in a fantasy realm. What quickly ensues is a silly send-up of The Legend of Zelda game series complete with an epic quest to retrieve Nick's stolen scanner, as well as monsters, puzzles, and a plethora of Zelda inspired puns and in-jokes. Of course, it wouldn't be GPF without some character drama throw in, during which Patty and Dex's "non-relationship" takes an unexpected turn....
Babylon (Part One) (July 17, 2017 to August 18, 2017)
After a brief (but confusing) progress report on Ki's pregnancy and a heartfelt conversation between her and Planck, the Grand Protuberance's ship arrives at the Grey home world to convey Nick to his meeting with the Supreme Fu. The Greys' absolute commander has an insatiable curiosity about Nick's dimension-folding capabilities, and he doesn't seem like the type to take no for an answer. Meanwhile, Planck is separated from his human companions to undergo a "diagnostic" exam that takes a turn toward the unexpected....
shadowCoin (Part One) (August 21, 2017 to November 3, 2017)
Victor Brown, Nick's chief detractor among the human "survivors", sabotages Velociraptor, stranding Fooker, Sharon, Trudy, and Lt. Johnson in another universe. As the Gamester works to engineer their safe return, he drafts an unwilling helper to keep our heroes safe and occupied: D.C. Smythe, a British secret agent, who just happens to be a sapient cat with an eye patch. Smythe and his American partner Valerie Smith are forced to integrate the "away team" into their investigation of an elaborate scheme to destabilize the global economy, which may or may not be linked to a mysterious, skyrocketing cryptocurrency called "shadowCoin". Mystery, intrigue, and "furry" jokes abound in the first half of this exciting installment.

Year Nineteen: Nov. 2017 to Oct. 2018

Babylon (Part Two) (November 6, 2017 to January 5, 2018)
Exhausted from his "discussion" with the Supreme Fu, Nick returns to Ki only to find that Planck is no longer the Grey they remember. He has been "revised", wiped of his former personality and restored to a default, passive state. Nick's attempts to avoid giving the secrets of Velociraptor to the Supreme Fu turn into a frustrating quest to restore the little drone's individuality, culminating in a logical debate on Planck's right to exist as an autonomous being. (It's... a bit more lighthearted than this actually sounds, I promise.)
shadowCoin (Part Two) (January 8, 2018 to March 16, 2018)
As we return our attention to the world of D.C. Smythe, Sharon and Trudy manage to unravel the mystery behind "shadowCoin", while Fooker and Lt. Johnson help Smythe and Valerie Smith track down their chief suspect, the villainous Doctor Shadow. Could Shadow be behind the "shadowCoin" conspiracy and the threat to the global economy? Meanwhile, as Pi frantically tries to restore their path home, Persephone gets unexpected help from an old friend. More action and adventure abound in the second half of this two-parter.
Assassination (March 19, 2018 to May 25, 2018)
After Trudy relates a disturbing "dream" that hints of how "Nega-Nick" survived the events of To Thine Own Self... and arrived in the "prime" GPF universe, she and Patty have a tense chat. This is interrupted by Victor Brown, who suspiciously sneaks past on some strange, private mission. When the ladies follow him, they stumble upon a plot that may very well result in deadly consequences. Will someone make the ultimate sacrifice to save another's life?
Home Holovids (May 28, 2018 to June 29, 2018)
The Great Skaboola tasks Planck with cleaning off some old data cubes that just happen to contain old experiment logs from when the Greys first abducted Fooker. He proceeds to rope Socrates into watching them one last time before they're deleted. Hilarity ensues.
Ultra Cyber Power Warriors GPF! (July 2, 2018 to September 14, 2018)
Tensions begin to rise when Patty finds herself on the same "away mission" with Trish, who has been rather publicly courting Dexter after his and Patty's last fallout. But that fight gets shifted to the back burner when Sharon, Patty, Trish, and Chris find themselves in familiar surroundings and among friendly faces. Has the team finally found its way home to "their" Earth? Or is this just a bizarre excuse for Jeff to draw a parody/pastiche of Japanese anime and action shows?
Those We Leave Behind (September 17, 2018 to November 2, 2018)
Ki's pregnancy forces her to sit on the sidelines while her husband and friends risk their lives, searching for the missing Earth. As she begins to spiral into a depression of unproductive ineffectualness, it's up to Persephone and Doctor Granger to remind her just how important to everyone she truly is....

Year Twenty: Nov. 2018 to Oct. 2019

Infinity Nick (November 5, 2018 to January 25, 2019)
A routine maintenance check on the MUTEX turns problematic as strange hyperspace particles contaminate the system, causing Nick to be lost in time and space in another universe. When Trudy volunteers to follow him, hoping to give Pi the link he needs to find Nick, she too is lost. What follows next is one of the strangest science fiction stories in GPF's long history, which is really saying something. It certainly raises the (not so) hypothetical question, "If an infinite number of Nicks bashed away on an infinite number of keyboards, what might they accomplish?"
Friends of Fred (January 28, 2019 to February 22, 2019)
Chris catches Trish sneaking around in an unauthorized section of the ship, leading GPF's resident stutterer to indoctrinate her into a clandestine cabal unlike any other. Who are the mysterious "Friends of Fred" and what is their sinister purpose? Will Chris escape their clutches alive? Or is the author simply filling this summary with hyperbole to entice you to read a very short, very silly story devoid of true drama? Follow the link to find out... if you dare...
A Closet Full of Skeletons (February 25, 2019 to June 21, 2019)
Nick tasks the gang to drum up additional volunteers among the remaining "survivors" with mixed success. Along the way, Fooker and Patty run into an unexpected find: one of GPF's old employees and Fooker's friend Mike, who also just happens to be Patty's ex-finacé Mark. Patty withdraws in a panic, forced to face the horrible "transgression" she made against him that caused him to strand her at the altar years ago. Dexter and Trish manage to draw the story of the incident out of her, forcing her to face her painful past. Will Patty learn to forgive herself? Will she and her ex finally reconcile and heal? There are never any easy solutions....
Father's Day (June 24, 2019 to August 16, 2019)
Sharon meets a kind, older gentleman among the new recruits with whom she forms a brief bond. Vincent tells her that she reminds him of his estranged daughter, whom he fears he'll never reconcile with. This causes Sharon to contemplate her own biological father, Victor Glowerhausen, so she seeks out her mother, Esther Matusevitch, in hopes of finding closure. Meanwhile, Trudy is suspicious of the newcomer's motives toward Sharon and seeks to confront him, only to discover she has her own unexpected connection with him. It's a tale of surprise reunions, healing broken families, and seeking closure where you least expect it.
All Quiet on the Lunar Front (August 19, 2019 to November 1, 2019)
Still struggling to find a way to be useful while not putting her unborn child in danger, Ki is interrupted by a nervous Trish, who seeks her help in polishing her journal into "a document worthy of the last written record of the human race". What follows is a journey through the thoughts of many of the "survivors" and their allies and adversaries, exploring their fear and excitement over how their lives have changed since the Earth vanished. As Trish's interviews progress, a central figure begins to emerge: the man who holds the fate of the human race his hands. Is Nick Wellington a hero, villain, or something in between? When history looks back on all that has transpired, will he be heralded as humanity's savior, or as the man who doomed our species to extinction...?

Year Twenty-One: Nov. 2019 to Oct. 2020

A Change of Perspective (November 4, 2019 to January 17, 2020)
An exhausted and overworked Nick is interrupted on his way to some much needed rest when he finds himself in the Thirteenth Dimension of the Infinite Rotunda of Eternity, home of the mysterious Gamester. The "cosmic system administrator" has some disturbing news for our hero that places the team's search for the missing Earth in startling context. As Nick struggles with the weight of the Gamester's revelations, he also comes face to face with a number of eclectic characters, including his future almost-son, Todd. Will Nick's faith and resolve collapse under the strain of what he learns, or will he come away from this experience with a renewed sense of resolve and determination?
Pouch Critters (January 20, 2020 to March 20, 2020)
Another "away mission" takes Fooker, Sharon, Trudy, and Patty into a universe patterned after one of Sharon's favorite childhood video games, "Pouch Critters". What quickly entails is a zany parody of Pokémon, both the games and the anime, replete with bizarre yet adorable creatures and wacky, copyright-infringement-skirting cameos. Can our gang defeat Team Sprocket to free their "critters" from their sinister clutches? Gotta collect 'em all!
War Council (March 23, 2020 to April 24, 2020)
Nick fills in the "inner inner circle" on his conversation with the Gamester, and soon the gang starts making contingency plans. What problems await them when they finally do find the missing Earth? Where is "Nega-Nick" and how will they search for him? Before they can come to any conclusions, they are interrupted by an unprovoked attack from a Physaric ship which endangers the fragile truce with the Greys. How will our heroes resolve this dilemma without reigniting an interstellar war?
Puppet Mastered (April 27, 2020 to June 5, 2020)
In the aftermath of the Physaric attack, Fooker, Fred, and a roped-in Planck seek out Socrates in the hope that he can contact the Physaric fleet and find out what's going on. To their surprise, the Syncytium takes control of Socrates, who in turn takes control of Fooker. As the remotely-controlled pair make their way toward the bowels of the Grey ship for some unknown purpose, Planck and Fred race to stop them, eventually bringing Justin and the Grey warrior drone Boltzmann in tow. Can they stop Socrates and Fooker from sabotaging the ship? Is Socrates really under the Syncytium's control, or is he acting alone? Will the mystery behind the Physaric attack finally be solved?
Telepresence of Mind (June 8, 2020 to July 17, 2020)
Meanwhile, Trudy decides to use her mysterious "link" ability to search for "Nega-Nick" and find out what the former emperor might be up to. Taking Sharon along for the ride, the two proceed on a strange, "astral projection" journey across the light years until they discover a Physaric ship. On board, they not only find their nefarious objective, but Trudy learns a terrible secret as well, one that will shake Nick's confidence to its core...
More Perforated Than Emmental (July 20, 2020 to September 4, 2020)
While Trudy relays "Nega-Nick's" mysterious message to Nick, Fooker, Sharon, and Ki run into some unexpected visitors. D.C. Smythe, Valerie Smith, and the Inexplicable Speck! all suddenly appear on the Grey ship, suspiciously after meeting one of Nick's counterparts in their respective universes. Unsure of how to proceed, the group tracks down Nick, who theorizes that the Gamester's warning that "the cosmic boundaries between universes are failing" is coming to dangerous fruition. Can Nick come up with a way to send these wayward travelers home? Or will their presence in the "prime" GPF universe only exasperate the already fragile balance between dimensions?
Principio ad Finem (September 7, 2020 to October 30, 2020)
As Ki tries to help Nick come to terms with "Nega-Nick's" mysterious message and his decision to keep it secret, the newcomers—D.C Smythe, Valerie Smith, the Inexplicable Speck!, and Alpha-Duck—try to acquaint themselves with the team's search for the missing Earth, which may be their only ticket home to their respective universes. Sharon leads an "away team" to another candidate universe, only to find that everything there is seemingly frozen in time. Very soon, they make a shocking discovery that will change the future of everything the gang has done so far, and which may just be the light at the end of the tunnel...

Year Twenty-Two: Nov. 2020 to Oct. 2021

Confirmation Bias (November 2, 2020 to November 27, 2020)
The missing Earth has been found! Well... maybe. Possibly. Things are starting to look good, but nobody should jump to conclusions just yet. A weary Nick and Ki are dragged back to MUTEX chamber to start the confirmation process, but it may not be as straightforward as everyone hoped. Plus, there's a new element of danger that no one had previously expected. As the gang starts examining all of the factors involved in bringing back the planet, a slow realization sets it that someone is going to have to be the guinea pig for a perilous new mission...
The Expendables (November 30, 2020 to January 29, 2021)
Before the Earth can be returned to its home universe, the gang must determine how safe it is to operate in its "time frozen" prison. For that, sacrifices must be made. A small but brave band of volunteers step forward, willing to put their lives on the line. Who among our heroes will take the plunge and risk becoming frozen for all eternity? And who will make an unexpected gamble that could risk destroying everything the team has worked toward?
Invert the Polarity of the Tachyon Flow (February 1, 2021 to March 19, 2021)
Trudy's unexpected actions lead to a cascade of problems. As Dwayne's condition teeters uncertainly, Nick's carefully laid plans begin to fall apart. Everything now hinges on whether or not GPF Software's founder survives. Will Dwayne pull through, or will his fate signal the end of everyone's hopes for recovering the Earth?
Passing the Torch (March 22, 2021 to April 23, 2021)
Dwayne quickly comes up to speed on what his former employees have been up to for the past year, narrowly avoiding being overwhelmed. He then has a long chat with his former team lead Nick, who confesses to buckling under the strain of being "the sole leader of the human race". True to form, Dwayne repeatedly earns his fan-dubbed title of "best boss ever" by not only rebuilding Nick's self-esteem, but also bowing to his expertise. It's great to have you back, Dwayne! We've really missed you!
Logistics (April 26, 2021 to May 28, 2021)
If Nick's stress levels weren't already in orbit (quite literally), they begin to skyrocket even higher. His complex simulations of what will happen when the Earth is brought back keep yielding disastrous results. To make matters worse, a confrontation between the "volunteers" and the other "survivors" escalates as word leaks out that the Earth has been found. Will Nick manage to keep the peace, or will his own friends and colleagues sabotage the tenuous goodwill he's tried to build?
Full Throttle (May 31, 2021 to July 2, 2021)
A casual conversation between Pi, Planck, Fred, Persephone, and Socrates turns to Nick's stress over his failing orbital algorithms and his attempt to find just the right spot to bring back the Earth. Pi is suspicious about the ship's computer not being able to keep up with Nick's calculations, so the alien quintet seek out Fibonacci, the Grey drone in charge of optimizing Nick's algorithm for the computer core. What they find, however, is an unexpected cover-up operation and more trouble than they bargained for. Is someone actively sabotaging Nick's efforts to bring back the Earth? If so, who and why? Will our alien sleuths uncover the truth, or will their investigation lead to a dead end?
Any Nick in a Swarm (July 5, 2021 to October 8, 2021)
The oddly stable relationship triangle between Patty, Dexter, and Trish begins to show signs of trouble in paradise, when the trio (plus Chris) inadvertently "leak" into another universe with no obvious way back. Fortunately for them, this universe belongs to August James and her teenage superhero sisters. The super-siblings are initially stumped on how to help our heroes until a common thread emerges. The Nick Wellington of this universe is also the center of odd, inter-dimensional shenanigans, and the James Sisters are making a bid to track him down. Can this alternate Nick get our heroes home, or is the James Sisters' universe doomed to collapse under a cosmic invasion?

Year Twenty-Three: Nov. 2021 to Oct. 2022

Devil's Advocate (November 1, 2021 to January 7, 2022)
Nick continues to struggle with the weight of responsibility bearing down on him. As a coping mechanism, he subconsciously engages in an imaginary debate with "Nega-Nick", who challenges his every decision. In the face of such scathing criticism, Nick finds himself reassured about his past decisions, as well as inspired to deal with the mysteries still remaining. Meanwhile, something is stirring in the far reaches of space, as the Greys make a discovery that could shatter the current tenuous peace between them and the Physarics...
Diversionary Tactics (January 10, 2022 to April 15, 2022)
With the looming threat of a Physaric civil war and the ever present mystery of what "Nega Nick" might be up to, the "inner circle" sets out to even the odds. While Dwayne volunteers to keep the Skaboola distracted, Fooker sets out to prove that the Greys are indeed throttling Nick's algorithm. Meanwhile, Justin is on the hunt to find their missing alien friends (Pi, Planck, and the Molds), who will be essential to Nick's plan to restore the Earth. Unknown to the boys, Ki seems to have her first contraction, stirring Sharon and Trudy into a mild panic. Everyone has something to keep them busy in this multi-faceted, multi-threaded story that sets the stage for the next one...
Mutiny on the Omicron Tau Sigma XQR-3864 (April 18, 2022 to July 22, 2022)
Now free of their "inertial prison", an annoyed Pi and a panicked Planck resolve to do the unthinkable: overthrow the Great Skaboola and take command of the ship! To their surprise, the makeshift mutiny quickly takes shape and they gather followers, including a few surprises. But not every drone is on board with the plan, and a traitor lurks in their midst. Will the mutineers succeed in taking command, or will the rebellion be crushed before it has a chance to take off?
Luna Deambulatio (July 25, 2022 to September 30, 2022)
For the first time since our heroes ended up in space, they finally have a good reason to set foot on the Moon! But as everyone pairs off to their assigned tasks, tensions mount on the lunar surface. The love triangle between Patty, Dexter, and Trish is set to collapse! Will hearts wind up broken, or will a surprise player stake their claim and salvage the wreckage?

The Entropy War

Years Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five mark GPF's grand finale, and the culmination of the past several years finally come to fruition. Will our heroes finally restore the Earth and make their way home? Will "Nega-Nick" have his ultimate revenge? Or will the galaxy be forever ravaged by... The Entropy War?

Prologue (October 31, 2022 to November 11, 2022)
We start with a chilling scene where "Nega-Nick's" "renegade" Physarics invade and conquer an alien world, devastating its civilization and decimating its people. An ancient "tomb" is unsealed, and "a great evil" is exhumed. What mystery object has prompted the former emperor to lay waste to an entire planet, and how does it factor into his ultimate scheme for our heroes? What ailment afflicts our villain, rendering him sickly and pale?
Chapter One (November 14, 2022 to December 30, 2022)
With only a scant few days and hours left before the optimal point to return the Earth to its orbit, our heroes make their final preparations. Almost everyone is filled with excited anticipation for the chance to return home... with one notable exception. Everyone gets their moment to shine: we see Nick's best-laid plans, our mother-to-be Ki gets a check-up, and Fooker and Sharon offer support to their best friends. Trudy ruminates upon her future, while our "lost visitors" cling to the hope of returning to their home universes. We check in on our alien friends, as the Greys adjust to their independence and the "molds" make plans for their own future. But not everything looks bright and promising. A distress call places our heroes on high alert, hinting at danger lurking around another star...
Chapter Two (January 2, 2023 to January 27, 2023)
The HMS Bounty seeks out the source of the distress call, only to find a fierce battle between Grey and Physaric ships in progress. Through quick deduction, they surmise that there are actually three factions, with a group of "renegade" Physarics as the instigators. With some quick thinking and savvy negotiations, our heroes persuade the Grand Protuberance to hear them out, and the "renegades" are swiftly vanquished. Nick seizes the opportunity to propose an alliance between the humans, Greys, and Physarics, hoping they can join forces against the common enemy...
Chapter Three (January 30, 2023 to March 10, 2023)
Negotiations begin between the humans, Greys, and Physarics, as the three parties compare notes. Nick is forced to reveal some of his history with "Nega-Nick", and the three powers come up with a tentative plan to free the "renegade" Physarics from his clutches. Just as things begin to wrap up, however, the Grand Protuberance receives word of Physaric ships in a nearby star system. Everyone agrees that the report sounds suspicious, so the fleet gathers its forces to investigate.
Chapter Four (March 13, 2023 to April 14, 2023)
Nega-Nick's mysterious illness prompts a visit from his old benefactor, Pandemonium, who reveals that many of the hints and clues Nega-Nick has been following were left by him. We receive a few more nebulous hints about the cryptic "shard" he retrieved from the alien planet, as well as a potential ambush for our heroes. Meanwhile, "prime" Nick pays a visit to Colonel Lionel Barker with an unexpected mission: to ask the Colonel for his help...
Chapter Five (April 17, 2023 to June 2, 2023)
The combined fleet of Grey and Physaric ships arrives at Wolf 1061 only to find the planet deserted. As the fleet splits to investigate movement in the nearby asteroid belt, Nega-Nick's forces attack, disabling then boarding the Grand Protuberance's flagship. The boarders make off with the mysterious "Project FLRX-1296" while our heroes are too damaged to pursue. The Protuberance refuses to reveal the mystery project's origins, but when pressed, Euler reluctantly reveals that one of Nick's greatest fears as been realized...
Chapter Six (June 5, 2023 to July 21, 2023)
As the drama on the bridge subsides, our focus shifts to the ship's infirmary, where the "sister midwives" Sharon and Trudy attend to Ki. Ki's contractions begin in earnest, which sends Trudy on a mission to track down Nick and inform him of his impending fatherhood. Her quest is a comedy of errors, however, as just finding Nick is a challenge, and he's a bit distracted by the interstellar war about to break out around them. Nick leaves to get some much needed distractions, sending Trudy in pursuit again. Meanwhile, Pi, Planck, and the Molds come up with a potential plan to offset the Grand Protuberance's new super-weapon, just as our heroes finally uncover "Nega-Nick's" next target...
Chapter Seven (July 24, 2023 to September 15, 2023)
It's a tense chase as the HMS Bounty races to catch Nega-Nick's Physarics who have stolen the Greys' secret weapon based on Nick's tech. Planck has a plan to counteract the device, but when he attempts to alter the MUTEX to implement it, he is zapped with unknown energy and rushed to the infirmary. There, Ki is having a rough time as her contractions get stronger. Will our heroes intercept Nega-Nick's ships before they reach the Grey home world? Or will tragedy strike as they watch helplessly from the sidelines?
Chapter Eight (September 18, 2023 to ????)
Non-spoiler description forthcoming...

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