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Last updated May 26, 2016

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You like us! You really like us! Here's a listing of all the awards GPF has managed to accumulate, beyond our comprehension:

Global100 Internet Homepages Top 100 List SiteInspector Approved Mr. Chuck Show's Top Dog Award
March 1999
April's Choice Award
June 1999

Humor Search Five Star Humor Site As Seen On Webcomic World TechMall Editor's Choice of the Day Award
Sept. 17, 1999

Toonzed Recycled Comics Award BoxJam's Boffo Webtoon Award Absurd Notions' Smart Move Award for GPF's College Days Story Line

Gold Web Sites

Who knows, maybe this list will keep on growing...


Here's a list of all the reviews (that we know about) that folks have done about GPF. If you've done a review of our strip and it's not listed here, please let us know so we can add your review to the list. (Note that we're looking only for serious, in-depth reviews, not a quick paragraph to accompany a list of links.)

  • Webcomic reviews: GPF, by Jeffrey Darlington on — This review includes a lengthy interview with Jeff. "It's hard to find a comic who takes the normality of the workplace and takes it to such an extreme that you still feel it's believable. It's even harder for a comic whose setting is a world very much like ours to find a connection with today's readers. And yet when the writer manages to create something so unique that it continues to have us reading it for 10 years, something special has been done.... It's a gripping story that has you wanting more and getting even deeper into the characters.... The writer has done an incredible job and consistency and character development, allowing each of the characters to evolve at their own pace. The plot he has written is both creative and thought provoking, providing readers with a constant glimpse of things to come ahead and things to think about in real life. It has also involved in the showing of emotional tension and feelings in the scene through the use of color and scene composition."
  • The Official Time-Waster's Guide — Overall score: 5 out of 6 clocks. "This is one of the few webcomics where the main characters all show growth over the various story arcs. The characters all go from simple sketches to humanized, charismatic personalities that the audience can easily care for. The early years are full of great humor, and when the story takes a dramatic turn, Jeff doesn't forget to keep making you smile."
  • Korsil Webcomic Reviews — Overall score: 5 out of 5 stars. "An amazingly worthwhile experience, the story captures a reader's attention and keeps people very interested. The archives are well worth the time spent reading, and Jeff Darlington is by far one of the most consistant webcomic artist. With a 7-day-a-week schedule that he sticks to without exception, he's managed to accomplish something that few, if any artists have managed to do. GPF itself is unique in its own right, with some amazing technical ideas and imagination, as well as humor and thought that never lets up."