The GPF Book #3 FAQ

Last updated April 24, 2008



Yet another book? When will the madness stop?
Not any time soon, if I can help it. ;) [Top]
When's the new book coming out?
The book was released February 13, 2002. What, were you not paying attention? :) [Top]
So what's going to be in the book?
The book is split into two parts. The first is a compilation of strips from our third year, starting from November 6, 2000, all the way through August 2001. It includes great stories from this year, including "Mr. Pookel," "College Days," "Fooker's Girlfriend," "Alliances," "Rude, C.R.U.D.E., and Socially Unacceptable," and "Special Delivery." The second section consists of most of the strips cut from Books #1, including many long-requested strips, like "Trudy's Tips for the Truly Evil." Many of these strips were cut earlier for space concerns, but have been added into this volume by popular demand(!). [Top]
Will there be a special story in this book, like the others?
Unfortunately, no. Due to other pressing deadline constraints, this book does not contain a special story. This was a very difficult decision to make, but we felt that getting this book out on time was a high priority. [Top]
Are there any special goodies included in this book, then?
Actually, yes. I'm extremely honored to announce that none other than J.D. "Illiad" Frazer, the mastermind behind the obscenely popular online comic User Friendly, has contributed a thoughtful foreword for this book. Now I can say I've had a foreword written by a guy who's had a foreword written by Eric S. Raymond. [Top]
Will any of the strips be in color?
Also unfortunately, no. Due to other budgetary constraints, the first edition of Book #3 does not have color in it. It's possible that later editions might include color, but don't count on it. [Top]
Is it true some strips had to be left out?
Actually, yes and no. While we did cut a few stories (mostly crossovers), this book actually reconciles a number of strips left out of the first book. This should be big news to avid fans who have missed seeing some of their favorite strips (and some of mine, as well) in previous volumes. [Top]
So which strips didn't make the cut?
Due to the reasons listed above, the following Year Three stories were cut from the third book: However, we've added back in several strips cut from the first book. [Top]
How much will the book cost?
The price for this book drops to $9.95 USD (as opposed to $12.95 of the last two), not including shipping and handling. This price is the purchase price directly from Plan Nine; I don't know if there will be any variations if you try and purchase the book through places like Amazon.Com or your local book store. Of course, we get more money out of the book if you buy it from Plan Nine directly, so guess where we'll send you to get it. :) [Top]
How can I order the book?
All orders can be placed through the Plan Nine web site. They're handling all the dirty work, and can ship all over the world. The quickest way to get the book will be to purchase it via credit card, but they'll take checks and PayPal as well. While you're there, buy some of the other great titles they offer!

Technically, you can also order the book through sites such as Amazon.Com, but we won't get as much money out of it, so if you want to support the strip better, buy it from Plan Nine. Since Amazon isn't carrying the book directly, you'll need the ISBN (1-929462-38-7) in order to search for it. The same tactic should work for your local brick-and-mortal store. [Top]

What will the book be called?
The title is General Protection Fault: And the Geek shall Inherit the Earth. [Top]
When's the book coming out in my native (non-English) language? When will it be available in my country?

The book is available in any country that accepts shipping from the United States. Plan Nine USA has already shipped thousands of books all over the world, although the shipping has been a tad expensive.

If all else fails, you can always order the book from Amazon.Com or one of its international affiliates. We can't guarantee that all Amazon affiliates will carry the book world wide, or how much their shipping costs will be. Combine that with the fact that we get more money if you buy it direct, and you're probably better off buying from Plan Nine anyway.

As for translations, we've had an offer or two over the years to translate the books, but they've all fallen through. Thus, the books are only available in U.S. English for the time being. [Top]

Why should I spend money on a book when I can always read the strip online?
Mostly because there may be a time, in the far, distant, dim future when you can't find GPF online. Yes, someday time will catch up with and I'll be gone, or the Internet will transform into something different and incompatible with our format, or aliens from a distant galaxy will wipe out our resources and we'll have no electricity and thus no Web. Either way, a physical, printed copy of GPF will keep the dream alive, where it might pass into oblivion elsewhere. It's also handy to have around, when a 'Net connection isn't available. Want to introduce someone next to you in the doctor's office to GPF, but you can't because your cellular modem on your laptop isn't working? Or you completely forgot your laptop? Show them the book! It's the easy, compact, cost-effective way to get them up-to-speed on the strip without a cable modem. [Top]
Will there be a contest this year, where you gave away some books for free?
There are no plans to hold a contest of any kind in conjunction with the release of Book 3. However, we have kicked around the idea of another general contest, where we may give away a copy of each book, a T-shirt or two, and maybe some original GPF art. We'll keep you posted if and when such a contest comes into being. [Top]
So... when's the next book coming out?
Book #4 was released in December 2004. Make sure to check out its own FAQ. [Top]

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