Last updated May 26, 2016

One of the yummy things about the Web is... free software! Here's some fun stuff you can download to your hard drive's content.

Special GPF Downloads:

GPF Desktop Background Images (Web Page)
Looking for a way to spruce up your desktop? Want to turn a few heads when coworkers walk past your computer? Looking to inaugurate your friends into the GPF fold? Then here's where to begin! We have images for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, ready for downloading, complete with installation instructions. There's even a few specially made GPF pictures you won't find anywhere else. So what are you waiting for? Get clickin' already!

Software Downloads:

Mandelbrot Madness! (Web Page)
This freeware Win32 program (written by Jeff himself) is a fun way to explore the fascinating Mandelbrot Set, the mother of all fractals. You can even access the fun new Java version and try before you download!
Moved!!! WinHasher (Web Page)
This freeware Win32 program (written by Jeff himself) allows you to generate various cryptographic hashes of files. Such hashes can be used to verify the integrity of Internet downloads or to compare the contents of different files, even when their names and time stamps don't match. While there are plenty of hashing programs out there for other platforms, that's not really the case for Windows. This neat little app, though, makes hashing Windows files lightning quick and ridiculously easy.
Cryptnos (Web Page)
Cryptnos is a free, Open Source strong password generator for multiple platforms. It uses cryptographic hashing algorithms to produce strong, unique passwords for each Web site or application you use it for. It is not a password vault; your generated passwords are never stored but are regenerated each time they need to be used. Cryptnos distinguishes itself from other similar applications by offering a greater level of control over how your passwords are generated. It is currently available for Microsoft Windows (.NET 2.0) with versions for Google Android, pure Java, and even an online version in the works.
Gandalf's Quest Off-line Edition (1.28MB) (GnuPG Signature)
Handy Windows GQ Setup File (1.63MB) (GnuPG Signature)
Want to play our exclusive online adventure game, but don't want to waste Net time or wait on slow bandwidth bottlenecks? Then download the offical off-line version and play at home, off your hard drive, for the fastest possible GQ experience. And, best yet, it's totally free! Windows users: Download the nifty new setup file for to make installation even easier.
Apocalypse Pete's Exciting Online Adventure, Offline Edition (616kB) (GnuPG Signature)
Handy Windows APEOA! Setup File (945kB) (GnuPG Signature)
Play Jeff's first-ever online game, with the convenience and speed of being offline! APEOA! is an exciting, Choose Your Own Adventure style game set in the bizarre, explosive world of Apocalypse Pete. With three distinct story arcs and over 40 possible endings, it's one wild and crazy ride! Plus, you can customize it with your name and gender for even more interesting game play. Play it today, and you too might end up on the Hall O' Fame! Windows users: Download the nifty new setup file for to make installation even easier.

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