Download GPF Background Images!

Last updated April 1, 2008

Looking for neat ways to spruce up your Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, or UNIX desktop? Can't wait to boot up your machine because you've got the GPF gang waiting there for you? Then here's the place to be, folks! Introducing... GPF background images, ripe for the downloading!

Each image below is either a 1024 by 768 pixel JPEG suitable for displaying as a single background image, or a JPEG meant to be tiled for interesting effects. To download the image, simply right-click the "Download it!" link (click and hold on a Mac) and in the pop-up menu, choose "Save link as..." Once saved on your hard drive, simply install the image in the method appropriate for your operating system. (For detailed instructions, see the documentation for your operating system/window manager.)

Select Your Background:

Full-Screen Backgrounds (All 1024 x 768):

[Group Shot]

Download it! (JPEG, 113k)

The original banner image that appeared on our site from the start, now as your background! Have the entire cast greet you from behind your windows!

[Oklahoma Nick]

Download it! (JPEG, 119k)

Taken from our old archive index, Oklahoma Nick discovers lost treasures on your desktop. Relive an early GPF classic!

[Geek Goddess]

Download it! (JPEG, 113k)

Because you demanded it... We proudly present everyone's favorite she-geek, dressed to kill in a fiery red bikini. Better grab this file quick, before she makes us take it back down!

[Christmas Banner]

Download it! (JPEG, 119K)

Just in time for Christmas! Liven up your desktop with this festive copy of our old Christmas banner image! The whole cast is decked out for the holidays. Join the party and pass the presents!

[Pinnacle of Evolution]

Download it! (JPEG, 142k)

The truth of evolution is revealed! Who really is at the top of the food chain around here? Take a wild guess! This most kewl background looks awesome, and features everyone's favorite sentient slime mold. Download it now!

[The Fookinator]

Download it! (JPEG, 168K)

He's back... The Fookinator, cyborg killer in ubergeek clothing! He'll menace anyone who attempts to mess with your system with his piercing laser stare. Just keep the S'mores away from him and you'll be fine.

Tiled Backgrounds:

[Tiled Nick Image]

Download it! (JPEG, 7k)

Nick, Nick, and more Nick! Have Nick tumbling behind your spreadsheets with this bizarre background.

[Tiled Fred Image]

Download it! (JPEG, 4k)

Fred's poppin' out at you in the embossed, tiled image. The super-evolved, super-intelligent slime mold is ready to spin around your desktop in this eye-popping background.

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