Mandelbrot Madness!

Version 2.0 -- Command Overview: The Edit Menu

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The Main Window Edit Menu

Edit Menu The Edit menu in the main window allows you to transfer MM! data to other applications. You can copy image parameters (as text) or graphical image data. You cannot paste data into MM!; you can only copy from it.

Copy Parameters: This option copies the parameters of the currently active image window to your system clipboard. This data is in text format and consists of a small header, followed by the image window name, the numeric parameters (X and Y values, resolution, iterations), and the name of the image's palette. This is extremely useful when documenting on a Web page the images you create with MM! Once pasted into other applications, you can edit and format the text as you wish. This option is disabled if there are no image windows currently open.

Copy Image: This option copies the raw graphical image data to your system clipboard so it can be pasted into other applications. This is useful if you wish to touch up the image in your favorite image editor, but don't want to bother with saving and reloading files. This option is disabled if there are no image windows currently open.

Edit Comment: The new MM XML parameter file format allows you to save comments allong with your parameters. Use this menu option to edit your comments. Note that while you can add comments to any open fractal, they will only be retained if you save them in MM XML format. If you save your parameters in any of the other parameter file formats, your comments will be lost.

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