Mandelbrot Madness!

Version 2.0 -- Command Overview: The Options Menu

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The Main Window Options Menu

File Menu The Options menu is the home of many of MM!'s user-customizations. This version is much more flexible that its predecessors and it remembers all of your settings in a convenient configuration file. You can display toolbars, specify default directories for your various files, define your helper applications, and several other useful items.

Toolbars: MM! has two toolbars, the Main Toolbar and the Render Toolbar, as well as a status bar at the bottom. Of course, some of you may not find these as convenient an addition as I have :) so I've included an option where you can disable each one. Choosing the item produces a submenu or "tear-away" menu with checkbox items for each toolbar. Uncheck the box to disable the stated toolbar. Checking the box again will re-enable it.

Folders: Another unique feature of MM! is the user-defined default folders. When you first run MM!, it will default to always looking for parameter and palette files in your "My Documents" folder. Over time, when you create many exciting images, this could make this folder very cluttered. Instead, you can define default folders for parameter, palette, and image files. These defaults can all point to the same folder (and there's a convenient option to do this), or you can specify separate folders for each one. This way, you can keep all these items in their own places, making it much easier to organize your files. Choose each option to specify where you want to set these folders.

Other Options...: In addition to these options, there are several more miscellaneous options that you can set to tweak how MM! does things. To change these settings, you can choose this item to launch the Options Dialog Box. There, you can change a few of MM!'s default behaviors, such as default file formats, whether or not MM! will ask you to save your parameters when you close image windows, and manually setting the various helper application locations.

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