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Version 2.0 -- Command Overview: The Progress Dialog

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The Progress Dialog

The Progress Dialog The progress dialog appears once the rendering process has begun. It has two primary purposes: to inform you how far the rendering process has progressed and to give you the opportunity to cancel rendering if you so desire. The graphical progress bar gives you a visual estimation of how far you have left to go, while the title of the dialog includes a percentage value.

Please note that both the progress bar and the percentage value are only approximations of how much time is left in the rendering process. They represent the percentage of vertical lines ("columns" if you will) left to render. Since any given pixel may take varying lengths of time to render based on the calculations necessary to determine its value, one "column" of pixels may take a longer or shorter time to render than the next. Rendering time is also a function of the resolution of the image and the number of iterations; larger images will almost always take longer to render than smaller ones, and the more iterations you ask MM! to perform, the more calculations it will take for each pixel. Thus, the percentages displayed give you a nice "ballpark" figure of how far you've really come. To find out how long the rendering really took, you can always look at the Info dialog once rendering is complete.

The Cancel button is new to this version of MM! If you want to interrupt the rendering process for any reason, click this button. You will be asked to confirm the decision. If you say yes, the rendering process will be aborted; if you say no, rendering will continue. Note that rendering will still continue while the confirmation dialog is shown, so no time will be "lost" if you first decide to cancel and then change your mind.

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