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Version 2.0 -- Command Overview: The Window Menu

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The Main Window Window Menu

Window Menu The Window menu allows us quick and easy access to all the image windows MM! creates. Unlike versions of MM! before MMJ! 4.0, this version functions just like many other Windows applications like Microsoft Word, because it uses a Multiple Document Interface, or MDI. This means there is one main window, and all the little image windows are contained within it. Older versions of MMJ! did not support this, and produced many individual windows that cluttered up the desktop. The Window menu was introduced to help manage all of these wild windows.

Now that MM! supports MDI, the Window menu is still useful. Just as Microsoft Word keeps a Window menu so you can switch between open documents, MM!'s Window menu can help you manage open image windows with ease. Note that if there are currently no open windows, the entire Window menu becomes disabled.

Close All: This item will close all open image windows at once. Use this if your window is getting too cluttered, you want to start zooming from scratch, or you just feel like getting rid of them all.

Individual window entries: Each time a new image window is generated, an entry is added at the bottom of this menu. Selecting the menu item for a given window brings it to the front of all the others and makes it active, copying its parameters (and palette) to the Render Toolbar. When you end up with ten or more windows, a new option appears called More Windows.... Selecting this item will open a new dialog that lists all open windows, regardless of how many there are. Whenever you close a window, its menu item is removed from this menu.

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