Exploring fractals was never this easy!

Mandelbrot Madness!

[It's here! MMJ! 4.0]

Java 1.1 Version 4.0

Try v.3.1 online before you download!
Browser must support Java 1.1 and JAR archives

Project Status

As of this writing, MMJ! should be considered no longer in development. This means that while I greatly enjoy working on this wonderful waste of time, alas there is no more time to waste. While MMJ! 4.0 is very functional and largely complete, there are a number of things that I was never able to finish, and unfortunately there may be a few bugs. However, since I have no more time to devote to finishing/fixing these issues, I present them to you as-is. As this program is being released through a GPL license, feel free to pick apart the source code (which is available with all binary distributions) and make it better. The code is sloppy, so don't expect perfection. However, if you do make significant improvements, let me know and I may dust off enough cobwebs to make your changes part of an official release.

MMJ! 4.0 includes PNGEncoder written by J. David Eisenberg. Version 3.1 includes GIFEncoder written by Adam Doppelt.


System Requirements

It is assumed that your system must meet the system requirements set forth by the operating system and Java implementation.




Version History


Download Mandelbrot Madness JAVA!

You can download the current version of Mandelbrot Madness JAVA! from the follwing links:

Version 4.0:

Version 3.1:

In order to run MMJ!, you must download a Java 1.1 or higher runtime or development kit. The following links can help you find a virtual machine for your operating system:


Browse the Documentation

Although it's technically out of date, the entire MMJ! 3.1 documentation is here online for your browsing enjoyment. (I'm too busy/lazy to update it to the 4.0 docs.) Feel free to start by reading the "readme" file.

The FAQ has now been updated to reflect the new version 4.0 stuff, so it can now be considered up-to-date.


Try MMJ! Online!

You can try MMJ! 3.1 online, right here at our site. Just follow this link and you will be presented with a small applet that will launch the program. Your browser must support Java 1.1 and JAR archives in order for it to work. Note that version 4.0 is a Java application only and has no applet mode, so you can't preview it here. You'll just have to download it.

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