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Version 3.1 -- Introduction to the MOB File Format

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What is this MOB file stuff anyway?

In version 3.1, I introduced the new MOB file format. "MOB" stands for "MandelObject," the Java class that internally maintains all the parameter and palette information. A MOB file is a compressed binary file that combines the parameter information of the .MMJ file with the palette information of the .PAL file. This way, everything you need to recreate a given fractal image is combined in one small file, instead of having to maintain two separate files for parameter and palette information. This means less hassle, less drive space, and just plain easier use. However, there are drawbacks to this new format. Below, we'll discuss the pros and cons of the MOB, and then let you decide for yourself if it's a good thing or not.

Advantages of the MOB file:

Disadvantages of the MOB file:

Because the MMJ/PAL file pair is the older and more familiar file format, support will be maintained indefinitely. The MOB format is more an alternative than a replacement. Use whichever you feel most comfortable with. I plan to maintain each.


Working with MOB files

MOB files are extremely easy to use, even more so than our traditional .MMJ parameter files. MOB files can be opened from the Main Dialog File menu and can be saved from the Image Window File menu. You can easily convert them to traditional MMJ/PAL file combinations using the command-line utilities or the Main Dialog Command menu, or you can convert MMJ/PAL file pairs to MOBs just as easily. So it's more a matter of choice for you. In fact, you may find times to use them both!


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