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Mandelbrot Madness!

Java 1.0.x Version 1.1

We apologize for the inconvenience, but our online applets have been disabled due to changes in Oracle's security polices in Java.

What is Mandelbrot Madness JAVA!?

Mandelbrot Madness JAVA! v1.1 is a Java applet based on my Mandelbrot Madness! freeware program. However, where the original Mandelbrot Madness! was written for the Win32 platform, MM JAVA! is written in the wonderful, powerful language of Java, making it accessible to virtually everyone.

The applet above is the actual program. To use it, choose one of the preset views from the Preset Views drop-down box, or enter the x and y bounds if you are familiar with them. Then choose from either the Rainbow or Gray Scale palettes from the Palette drop-down box, then click the Render button. It's that simple.

MM JAVA! works with much of the functionality of the full Win32 version of MM!, but here are their differences:

MM JAVA! also can run as a Java application, run from the command line, with its own frame. This functionality is contained within the same program, same byte-code, so there is no rewriting or recompiling necessary.

Download Mandelbrot Madness JAVA!

You can download this version of Mandelbrot Madness JAVA! from this site only:

Known Issues

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Contact Information

Jeffrey T. Darlington, program author:
E-Mail: jeff@gpf-comics.com
Web: http://www.gpf-comics.com/

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