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Java 1.1 Version 1.2

PaletteBuilder is a simple Java application designed to open, create, modify, and save Jasc PAL palette files. Jasc PAL files are simple text files that contain information on color palettes, and were originally used to save palettes for their Paint Shop Pro application. Mandebrot Madness JAVA!, a Java-based Mandelbrot image renderer, uses Jasc PAL files to store palette information. PaletteBuilder was designed as a helper application to accompany MMJ! and allow users more flexible control over building custom palettes.

Download PaletteBuilder

You can download the current version of PaletteBuilder from the following links:

In order to run PaletteBuilder you must download a Java 1.1 runtime or development kit. You can find several for many different platforms here.

PaletteBuilder Documentation Online

You can read the PaletteBuilder documentation here. Use your browser's back feature to return here.

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