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Date Added to Database:
Thu, 25 Sep 2014 09:39:35 -0400
Date Last Seen:
Thu, 25 Sep 2014 09:39:35 -0400
Date Record Expires:
Fri, 25 Sep 2015 15:39:35 -0400
Record Status:
Expired. The ban on this IP has been lifted and it should no longer appear in our generated block lists.
Reason for Ban:
Proxy Attempt
Detailed Reason:
IPs in this category have attempted to use one of our servers as an HTTP or HTTPS proxy to access a third, unrelated server. While we recognize that there are legitimate uses for such tools, we do not use proxying internally so this service is turned off in all of our servers. Thus all attempts to use us as a proxy must come outsiders. In our experience, this is usually a means to redirect an attack on the third-party server and hide the original attacker's true location, making it appear that the attack originated from us. IPs that attempt to make proxy requests through our servers are banned.
Additional Comments:
Suspicious 404s look like possible attempts to proxy searches through our servers, or even a proxied code injection attacks. IPs included in the queries below appear to belong to Google, which might support the proxy theory. Taiwanese IP listed at, SpamRATS "Worst Offender" list. - - [24/Sep/2014:13:23:41 +0000] "GET /sorry/IndexRedirect?continue= HTTP/1.1" 404 14865 "-" "Mozilla/4.0" - - [24/Sep/2014:13:23:43 +0000] "GET /sorry/IndexRedirect?continue= HTTP/1.1" 404 14836 "-" "Mozilla/4.0"

No other IPs within the same Class C network were found.

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