The GPF DNS Block List

The GPF DNS Block List

Reason Rankings by Blocked IPs

This page ranks the reasons for blocking here at the GPF DNSBL by the number of IPs blocked. Unclassified IPs are not counted, as this number is embarrassingly large. (We still hope to one day reclassify these IPs, but that task may be impossible.) The links attached to the reason names will display the latest 25 additions for the specified reason. Percentage refers to the ratio of the specified reason to all classified IPs (again, unclassified IPs are not included). Note that some IPs may actually perform multiple forms of attack (i.e. they may attempt both vulnerability probes and code injections), but our system currently only classifies an IP by the reason initially attached to it.

ReasonNumber of Blocked IPsPercentage
Forum/Comment/Wiki Spammer2994353%
DMARC Violation1720730%
Vulnerability Probe598311%
XML-RPC Attack26025%
Code Injection5321%
Suspicious Traffic2770%
Proxy Attempt1430%
Environment Scan1230%
Bad Spider/Bot530%
Content Scraper70%

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