GPF-Comics.Net is currently OFFLINE

For reasons beyond our control (or maybe still controllable), GPF-Comics.Net is currently offline. Usually, this means we've had to shut the server down because of the weather, server upgrades, as a precaution while we travel, or the occasional impending alien invasion. There's also the possibility we may be experiencing technical problems with our ISP, which does happen occasionally. And we've also been known to occasionally forget to turn the dynamic DNS software on. Naughty us.

For whatever the reason, our site is currently offline, but we hope to have it back up shortly. Please be patient, as the reasons above could range from anywhere to a few minutes to several days before they can be resolved. (Of course, the alien invasion could take a few weeks or months to fix. Sorry.) Please check back a little later.

Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, why don't you check out something a lot more interesting....