Fun Stuff

Last updated April 1, 2008

Wow! We actually managed to scrape up enough crap... I mean, kewl stuff... to start up the Fun Stuff section! Warning: Some of this is really GPF related, some of it isn't; it's just for fun, just for laughs, and just because we've got server space to waste. Enjoy!

The Art Gallery
Why not drop in and take a gander at some of Jeff's non-GPF related art? Who knows, you might actually discover that he really can draw...
The Storyteller's Circle
This has been floating around our hard drives for quite some time now. This is a collection of some old campfire tales Jeff has collected over the years had has decided to share with you. Isn't that special?
GPF Fan Art
I don't exactly like using the term "fan art," because that somehow gives an impression of it being inferior than mine. These images, however, I do not consider inferior. Take a gander at these kewl pics, whipped out by some artistic GPF fans!

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