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Last updated September 25, 2020

I don't exactly like using the term "fan art." It somehow implies something like, "My art is so much better than everyone else's that they try to imitate me." However, I don't consider these inferior work at all. These pictures are downright spiffy. Take a gander at some other artists interpretations of the GPF cast. It's a hoot!

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[Gimme the hard stuff (142k)] Unit Squared is at it again with this sketch of Dexter after his "speed dating" experience. Poor guy... now even I'm feeling sorry for him....
[(159k)] LKM, creator of Comic Genesis' Sea of Insanity, drew this awesome rendition of Ki and Fred and sent it to me during a recent e-mail conversation, kind of as gift for GPF's fourth anniversary. She has an clean, detailed style, so make sure to check her strip out.
[Slime Mold Wanna Cracker? (45k)] Unit Squared from the Forum has already proven he has too much time on his hands, having created multiple GPF fan sites. But now he's taking his hand to drawing fan art! Check out this movie poster style image he created.
[Ominous Foreshadowing? (40k)] Ali-Sama tracked me down at Comic-Con 2001 and asked me to draw a sketch for him of Nick and Ki getting married (with Fred officiating) while Trudy watches ominously in the background. To my surprise, a short while later he sent me this awesome colored version of the sketch. So, I'm not exactly sure if you want to count this as "fan art" or not since I technically drew it, but I promised Ali a long time ago that I'd put it up. (Sorry it took so long, Ali!)
[Anime GPF? (73k)] Ryuu-Majin from our Forum drew this fantastic anime-inspired rendition of Trudy, Ki, Nick, and Fooker. My, doesn't Trudy look like she's up to something...?
[Hero Machine] With obviously too much time on his hands, Sir Muskrat from the old Keenspot forum fiddled with's HeroMachine and created his own renditions of the GPF cast. Although UGO.Com apparently deleted the forum thread that contained the images, I managed to save them here, so you can still see them: Nick, Ki (1), Ki (2), Ki (3), Fooker, Dwayne, Sharon, The Fookinator, Empress Trudy (1), Empress Trudy (2)
[GPF Gladiators (24k)] This picture cracked me up when I first saw it. Drawn by the wacky Maritza "Rubberoom" Campos, the crazed mind behind the comic College Roomies from Hell!!!, this picture seems to really capture the, um, relationship between Ki and Trudy. (Add some mud to the picture and Fooker would never leave.)
[HOSER-fied GPF (45k)] Here's one from Aric "Agent Denim" Campling, the artistic half of the HOSERS team. I love it! I think Aric really captured the GPF team here (especially Trudy, off to herself). Of course, you can probably guess which one's my favorite on here. :) Thanks, Aric!
[Road Waffled Fooker (12k)] Here's Fooker the Couch Potato, as captured by the master of Eightland himself, "Eight." He seems to have really captured that "Never put off until tomorrow that which you can put off until next week" attitude, hasn't he? Thanks, Eight!
[I'm Flying, Nick! (47k)] Here's a parody I thought about doing once, but you can thank "Windseeker" for this pic, because that means I won't do it. :) It's Nick and Ki ala "Titanic." (Gee, you people have some sort of fixation on Nick and Ki getting together. Wonder where that comes from? :) I sort of imagine that, in keeping with GPF themes, it's a really big computer that crashes at the end of the movie instead of a boat, though. Hmm... there's an idea....
[Secret Agent Geek! (62k)] Faultie Ben Landis was inspired by the recent "Secret Agent Geek" story line and whipped out this rendition of everyone's favorite slacker hacker in his newest occupation. My Fooker, what an interesting gun you have there. All the better to zap you with, my dear....
[Fred: The Slimiest of Molds (17k)] Martin Lebl of Talking Head started out doing "fan art" to practice his drawing skills, and Fred was the GPF character "I can draw the best, and do it justice." Thanks, Martin! This picture of Fred ran on his site December 15, 2000.

All images contain GPF characters created by Jeffrey T. Darlington, but remain the property of their respective creators. Any non-GPF characters are the copyrighted property of their respective creators and are used here with permission.

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