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The Storyteller's Circle

Welcome, my child. Come closer. Yes, closer still. Join me 'round the fire circle. Sit, sit! Bask within the fire's warming glow, and leave the cares of the world behind you. Join me in the sacred circle, and hearken now these tales I tell....

I am the Storyteller. Old and wise am I, having lived more than my due share upon this earth. Many tales have I heard, and many are their retellings, passed on from mouth to ear for generations untold. And share them now with you I shall. Pass them on, pass them on, and let them live anew again, amongst the many faces within this world you meet. For, if tell them you do not, then die they must, forgotten, lost to all who wish to hear. Pass them on, and live they shall, and enrich the lives which they may touch.

Listen now, and draw closer to the dancing flames, and watch their tongues leap and twist, while I impart to you this my tale. Draw upon the fire's warmth, and let it glow within your heart. Quiet now, and lend me your ear, and listen to my story....

I've been collecting these stories for years, and I wanted to share them with everyone I could think of. And where better to do so than on the World Wide Web, where I can tell them to everyone in the world (theoretically)? So sit back, get yourself comfortable, and enjoy the tales I bring to tell.

The Legend of Princess Falling Rock

Giant Green Gorillas (Coming... Eventually)

How to Catch a Pink Elephant

The Legend of Twiddia

The Storyteller's Circle came online December 14, 1998.
It was last updated April 9, 2009.

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