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Geeky Games

Last updated October 21, 2008

Fooker's Pointless Trivia!

Version 6.0 Now Online!!!

Okay, we admit it. We were desperate. As we rushed to complete this Web site, throwing together HTML, writing scripts, scanning images,... we realized we had a Geeky Games section with pitifully few games in it. But we didn't want to go outside to get help. That wouldn't look good for a brand new Web site, trying to stand on its own. So, we turned to the cast for help. There were few good, usable ideas. Nick's idea used technology that hasn't even been invented yet (he said he'd get back to us around lunch time). Trudy's "Kill the Customer" sounded a little too gruesome. Ki was busy playing the latest RPG she purchased. And Dwayne was just too busy running the company to help.

So, reluctantly, we turned to Fooker.

"Sure," he said. "I can come up with a game for you. Call me back in a week."

So, we called him back in a week.

"Yer gonna love this!" he grinned (which is odd, since we can't seem to find his mouth). "I call it 'Fooker's Pointless Trivia!' Basically, I'll think up a whole heapin' mess o' questions from my over-stuffed, frazzled excuse for a brain, and then visitors can try and answer them all. Think of it as 'Jeopardy!' with me as Alex Trebek, and you have to just give answers, not questions,... and you're alone, so you aren't competing with anybody,... and we ain't got money, so there's no prizes.... Ya know, it's nothing like 'Jeopardy!' but we'll just say it is so people will like it."

So, that's what we did. And here it is. Fooker's Pointless Trivia!

How to Play

To play, follow the link below to the current game. The current game is version 6.0 When the page loads, you will see a set of instructions, followed by a series of enumerated multiple choice questions. Answer each question with the choice you think best fits. Don't leave any unanswered; you won't be penalized for guessing. Then click the Grade Me button at the end of the quiz to have your quiz graded.

Eventually, we plan to keep track of scores, and perhaps even give away prizes. But, for now, you'll just have to get the gratification of seeing how well you did.

Okay, think you're smart? Then let's play Fooker's Pointless Trivia!

Fooker's Pointless Trivia 6.0

Topic: Keenspotting...

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