Fooker's Pointless Trivia

Instructions: Each question is multiple choice. Carefully read each question, then choose the answer you feel is best. Answer every question, even if you have to guess. Turn off your monitor and click around randomly with the mouse if you have to. Make sure to use a #2 lead pencil. When you are finished, click the Grade Me! button at the bottom of the quiz to submit your quiz for grading.

1. When GPF first appeared on the Web, Jeff had drawn a number of strips about a year beforehand, as part of his original samples. Some of these very early-drawn strips have made their way into the final continuity. Of the strips in the first week of GPF, which strip was drawn almost a year before any of the others? (Hint: A good search of the Archives will quickly reveal the answer....)

Wednesday's strip (Nov. 4, 1998)
Thursday's strip (Nov. 5, 1998)
Friday's strip (Nov. 6, 1998)
Saturday's strip (Nov. 7, 1998)

2. When Fred the Slime Mold finally revealed himself to Fooker, he suggested a number of names that he might be called... which Fooker subsequently ignored. Which of the following famous names did Fred not suggest?


3. Which character has been known to play chess against himself/herself, but always loses?


4. Like the Star Wars Trilogy upon which it was based, the "Geek Wars" installment had an episode number at the beginning of it. What was that episode number?


5. In the "Sci-Fi Con" story line, several booths can be seen in the background, but not clearly, each of which had a science-fiction TV series name on it. Which of the following shows did not have a booth visible? (Hint: This one is trickier than you think....)

"Space 1999"
"Star Trek: The Next Generation"
"Red Dwarf"
"Battlestar Galactica"

6. During the "Code-A-Holics Anonymous" story, Fooker comes up with an unpleasant nickname for the CA leader, Alan Sedgewikki. What is it?

Ol' Sewege-Wick-Guy
Alan the Barbarian

7. What American musical artist appears on a poster on Ki's bedroom wall?

Billy Joel
Ricky Martin
"Weird Al" Yankovic

8. Fooker was banned from Antony's Pizzeria because he almost put them out of business. How much money did the pizza restaurant lose on Fooker's first visit?

over $700
over $800
over $900
over $1000

9. During the Great April Fools Comic Switch, which of the following Web cartoonists was responsible for drawing the hilarious April 1st GPF?

Illiad of User Friendly
Thomas Dye of Newshounds
Chris Crosby of Superosity
Steve Troop of The Adventures of Mayberry Melonpool

10. Much to Dwayne's chagrin, Fooker was asked to deliver a speech at a customer's luncheon meeting. What was the name of the company that gave the luncheon?

Gunther Petrolium
First National Bank
Goodman Rubber
Richardson's Lumber

11. When Nick and Dexter were questioning the geeks in Nerdvana, which of the following was not a given reason why all the geeks in were converging into the square where they were trapped?

Bill Gates was to be publicly executed
A symposium on quantum physics was going to be held there
J. Michael Straczynski was going to reveal the next 5-year story arc for "Babylon 5"
A Quake tournament was going to be held there

12. In "Oklahoma Nick and the Server of Doom," what had the Sys Admin Root stolen from Oklahoma Nick?

the root password to the server
a file
a networking card
the server logs

13. When Chuck and Fooker discover a crate of medieval weapons while helping Trudy move into the apartment next door, what does she say she uses them for?

conversation pieces
pest extermination
can openers
exercise equipment

14. Dwayne keeps a motivational poster in his office. What does the caption on this poster say?

Hang in there!

15. Fooker makes a definite fashion statement by going to the "Black-Tie Gala" wearing a plaid tuxedo. (And what a statement that was!) What different pattern was on his cummerbund?

wavy lines

16. Which of the following does Trudy not do to Ki when she decides to torment her for an entire week?

Give her e-mail address to the Spammers Association of America
Get her on the Nude Picture of William Shatner of the Day mailing list
Said she was twenty pounds too heavy for the evening gown she wore the previous week
Leave a dead cat on her doorstep

17. What piece of classical music does Fred find "quite erotic"?

The Hall of the Mountain King
Flight of the Bumblebee
The 1812 Overture
The Blue Danube

18. How does Fooker eventually learn that Ki is really "Pookel"?

He impersonates Nick on IRC and recognizes Ki's chatting style
He finds her login information in the server logs and does a reverse DNS lookup traced back to her IP address
He catches her in the act
He hacks into her work PC to correct a network problem and finds her login scripts to the IRC server

19. What morbid act made Trudy proclaim, "I love my job!"

She dropped a safe on the president of a rival software company and killed him
She developed a specification document that seemed plausible, but the deeper one delved into it, the more impossible it became
She murdered a rival marketing director and buried him with a copy of GPF Software in his cold, dead hands
She works as a double agent, selling GPF Software's secrets to another company and vice versa

20. Nick tried out for Little League as a kid, but never played because:

he couldn't run because of his weak ankles
he didn't have a baseball glove
Nick never tried out for Little League
nobody would ever pick him

21. Persephone, the slime mold that budded off of Fred, is named after the Greek goddess of:

the Underworld

22. The aliens that abducted Fooker came back because Fooker had stolen what from them?

a "thingamajig"
a proton accelerator gun
a "doodad"
a "whatchamacallit"

23. The strange question of how Fred paid his half of the rent was finally revealed: "Dr. Fredrick Physarum" teaches at major online university. What subject does he teach?

computer science

24. Here's a rather morbid question for you: Two members of the television and motion picture community passed away, eerily not too far away from being mentioned (directly or indirectly) within a GPF comic strip. Name these two entertainers. (Hint: one is very tricky to find, as he is only barely hinted at by a sign in the background. Note to celebrities: Make sure your life insurance is paid up before you see your name in this strip!)

Stanley Kubrick and Chris Farley
Stanley Kubrick and Deforrest Kelley
John Candy and Chris Farley
Jimmy Stewert and Deforrest Kelley

25. What movie does Nick eventually get "Pookel" to meet him at, only to run into Ki instead?

"Star Trek: Insurrection"
"Muppets From Space"
"Space Trip: The Phantom Generation"
"Star Wars: The Phantom Menace"

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