Fooker's Pointless Trivia

All answers are final and non-negotiable. As a reference, a link has been provided with each answer that will take you to the strip in question using the Comics Archive. If a question refers to an entire story instead of a single strip, the link will take you to the beginning of the story.

1. When GPF first appeared on the Web, I had drawn a number of strips about a year beforehand, as part of his original samples. Some of these very early-drawn strips have made their way into the final continuity. Of the strips in the first week of GPF, the Friday strip (Nov. 6, 1998) was drawn almost a year before any of the others.

2. When Fred the Slime Mold finally revealed himself to Fooker, he suggested a number of names that he might be called... which Fooker subsequently ignored. The only one listed in the trivia question that Fred didn't suggest was Newton. Here's the strip.

3. Nick is the only GPF character (that we know about) who has been known to play chess against himself. Problem is, he always loses....

4. Like the Star Wars Trilogy upon which it was based, the "Geek Wars" installment had an episode number at the beginning of it. "Geek Wars" is Episode 45.

5. This one was very tricky, in my opinion. In the "Sci-Fi Con" story line, several booths can be seen in the background, but not clearly, each of which had a science-fiction TV series (or movie) name on it. Of the shows listed, only "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is not visible. (However, its existence was implied, since Fooker somehow managed to get Marina Sirtis to sign his, um, rear. But it was not explicitly shown.)

6. During the "Code-A-Holics Anonymous" story, Fooker's unpleasant nickname for the CA leader, Alan Sedgewikki, is "Ol' Sewege-Wick-Guy".

7. "Weird Al" Yankovic appears in a poster on Ki's bedroom wall.

8. Fooker was banned from Antony's Pizzeria because he almost put them out of business. According to Ki, that last visit cost the pizza parlor over $700.

9. During the Great April Fools Comic Switch, Steve Troop of The Adventures of Mayberry Melonpool was responsible for drawing the hilarious April 1st GPF. Go Steve!

10. Much to Dwayne's chagrin, Fooker was asked to deliver a speech at a customer's luncheon meeting. That customer company was Goodman Rubber. (Gunther Petrolium was the company that held the black-tie gala the gang attended.)

11. When Nick and Dexter were questioning the geeks in Nerdvana to find out why they were converging into the square where they were eventually trapped, all the reasons listed were valid, except for "a symposium on quantum physics was going to be held there".

12. In "Oklahoma Nick and the Server of Doom," the Sys Admin Root had stolen Oklahoma Nick's file from the server.

13. When Chuck and Fooker discover a crate of medieval weapons while helping Trudy move into the apartment next door, Trudy says she uses them as exercise equipment.

14. The motivational poster Dwayne keeps in his office says Success. (It's based on an actual poster I've seen hanging around work. For some reason, it never seemed to motivate me.)

15. Fooker makes a definite fashion statement by going to the "Black-Tie Gala" wearing a plaid tuxedo. (And what a statement that was!) To add to the colorful ensamble, he wears a polka-dot cummerbund.

16. Of all the tortures listed, Trudy never gave Ki's e-mail address to the Spammers Association of America.

17. Fred finds the 1812 Overture "quite erotic." (And I'll refrain from any other comments based on that statement.)

18. Fooker eventually learns that Ki is really "Pookel" by finding her login information in the server logs and doing a reverse DNS lookup traced back to her IP address.

19. Trudy proclaimed, "I love my job!" after dropping a safe on the president of a rival software company and killing him.

20. Nick tried out for Little League as a kid, but never played because nobody would ever pick him.

21. Persephone, the slime mold that budded off of Fred, is named after the Greek goddess of the Underworld. (She was also the goddess of spring and summer, and when she returned to her husband Hades, her mother would mourn, which would bring about fall and winter.)

22. The aliens that abducted Fooker came back because Fooker had stolen a "doodad" from them.

23. Fred pays his half of the rent as "Dr. Fredrick Physarum," professor of literature at major online university.

24. By far, this was the most difficult question on the entire quiz. (And I probably made a few people upset with it, too.) The two members of the television and motion picture community that passed away, eerily not too far away from being mentioned (directly or indirectly) within a GPF comic strip, were Stanley Kubrick and Deforrest Kelley. Mr. Kubrick died shortly before the "2001" parody appeared, while Mr. Kelley died one day before the "Sci-Fi Con" strip that featured Leonard Nimoy, Jeri Ryan, and Terry Farrell. If you look very carefully at the second of these strips, you can see part of Mr. Kelley's name next to Leonard Nimoy's head. Both of these strips were drawn well in advance, and I had no preminition of the men's deaths.

25. Nick eventually convinces "Pookel" to meet him to see "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace", only to run into Ki instead. Hmmm....

Man, do I feel dumb now. I wanna go home!

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