Fooker's Pointless Trivia v1.0
The World of Science (General)

Instructions: Each question is multiple choice. Carefully read each question, then choose the answer you feel is best. Answer every question, even if you have to guess. Turn off your monitor and click around randomly with the mouse if you have to. Make sure to use a #2 lead pencil. When you are finished, click the Grade Me! button at the bottom of the quiz to submit your quiz for grading.

1. This famous English physicist was born 300 years after the death of Galileo. His ultra-kewl theories in astrophysics have revolutionized how we view the cosmos. Name him.

Sir Issac Newton
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac
Stephen Hawking
Issac Asimov

2. A "mole," besides being a furry subterranean creature, is the amount of a substance such that its weight in grams is equivalent to its atomic or molecular weight. It just so happens that one mole of any substance has exactly the same number of molecules. That number, called Avagadro's number, is:

6.022 × 1023

3. Biology quiz time: Dictyostelium discoideum is a species of:

slime mold

4. The Father of Autodynamics, the "replacement" for Special Relativity, is:

Carl Sagan
Ernest Orlando Lawrence
Albert Einstein
Ricardo Carezani

5. This one may shock you. The electron-proton magnetic moment ratio is:

0.529177249 × 10-10
4.4904514 × 10-26

6. What is the Theory of Hyperdynamic Existential Quasistatic Spectroscopy?

What goes up, must come down.
The boundary between two equidistant quasistatic geosynchronous dimensional planes is elastic if hyperdynamic spectrum of light is hyperbolically curved.
If something can go wrong, it will.
You made that one up, you jerk.

7. The molar Planck constant (NAh) is:

96,485.309 C mol-1
8.314510 J mol-1 K-1
3.99031323 × 10-10 J s mol-1
0.02271108 m3 mol-1

8. Blowing things up can be fun. It can also be dangerous. It's usually more of the latter, and a lot less of the former for almost everyone but the one blowing things up, unless the person blowing things up blows himself up, which isn't fun for him but fun for everyone else. None of that made sense, so give me the molecular formula for trinitrotoluene, better now as TNT:


9. Roses are red, violets are blue, tell which isn't part of a flower, and there's a point in it for you:


10. Okay, that last one was too easy. Now tell me which is not part of a living cell:


11. Think you're so smart? Think you know biology, eh? Well, then, which of these is not part of the human digestive system?


12. Dinosaurs are cool. No, dinosaurs are kewl! We ain't talking bloated purple "I love you, you love me" crap. We're talkin' rompin', stompin' kick-some-major-butt Spielbergian "I'm gonna eat yer face an' yer whole body too" dinosaurs. So here's some dino-trivia: Which of the following ancient eras did not have dinosaurs in it?


13. Recipe for disaster: Given the atomic weight of hydrogen is 1.01, the atomic weight of sulfur is 32.06, the atomic weight of oxygen is 16.00, and the molecular formula for sulfuric acid is H2SO4 (aq), how much hydrogen sulfate do I need to make 3 liters of 10 molar sulfuric acid? (Hints: refer back to #2. 1 molar = 1 mole/L)

98.08 g
980.8 g
2.94 kg
1.47 kg

14. In 1969, Ken Thompson of Bell Labs developed the first version of UNIX, the operating system that now runs on almost all computers that form the backbone of the Internet. Most computer scientists know that. But what type of computer was this first version of UNIX developed on? (Hint: it never ran Windows 95)

an IBM System/370 mainframe
a DEC PDP-7 minicomputer
an IBM AS/400 minicomputer
an IBM PC with an 8088 processor

15. It is a sophisticated programming language. It combines some of the best features of C, sed, awk, and sh. The vast majority of CGI programs on the Web are written in it. And it has a snazzy name. It is called Perl. And its creator is:

Larry Wall
John Backus
Dennis Ritchie
the Conference on Data Systems Languages (CODASYL)

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