Fooker's Pointless Trivia v1.0 (Answers)
The World of Science (General)

1. Many of you probably guessed Sir Issac Newton on this one, but nooOOOooo.... Professor Stephen Hawking was born 300 years after the death of Galileo, is properly British (pip pip, cheerio), and transformed many of our theories about astrophysics. Issac Asimov was a sci-fi author, and Paul Dirac is credited as the creator of the complete theoretical formulation of quantum mechanics. (Information about Professor Hawking can be found at his personal web site, which you can find here.)

2. A mole is 6.022 × 1023 atoms, molecules, or small subterranean creatures. And one mole of such items has its weight in grams equivalent to its atomic, molecular, or rodent weight. And it's Avagadro, no avocado.

3. Dictyostelium discoideum is a species of slime mold. Duh! I figured that one would be easy for you people!

4. The Father of Autodynamics, the "replacement" for Special Relativity, is Dr. Ricardo Carezani. Carl Sagan helped shape popular conceptions of space (and got a book turned into a pretty kewl movie starring Jodi Foster... Growl!), Ernest Lawrence was the inventor of the cyclotron, and if you don't know who Albert Einstein is, go stick your head in a black hole. (For more info on this topic, you can surf over here.)

5. The electron-proton magnetic moment ratio is 658.2106881. Okay, I'll admit it, I looked that one up. So sue me.

6. What is the Theory of Hyperdynamic Existential Quasistatic Spectroscopy? If you answered "You made that one up, you jerk," you'd be right, although I don't particularly like being called a jerk. Weirdo, pervert, and geek I can handle, but not jerk.

7. The molar Planck constant (NAh) is: 3.99031323 × 10-10 J s mol-1.

8. First of all, blowing things up is not fun. It is extremely dangerous. If any bonehead out there thought it was okay to blow things up just because I said so, you're wrong. Sure, Fooker likes it when people do stuff just because he said so, but Fooker also knows that playing with explosives is wrong. And, since Fooker is now referring to himself in the third person like Bob Dole, Fooker will now tell you that the molecular formula for trinitrotoluene, better now as TNT, is CH3C6H2(NO2)3. Fooker also says the others, in order of listing are ammonium nitrate, sucrose (table sugar), and glucose (blood sugar).

9. I'm a poet and don't even know it! Anther, stamen, and petal are all parts of a flower. The pharynx is a part of the body, better known as your "voice box."

10. Nucleus, mitochondria, and vacuoles are all structures found within the typical human cell. The epidermis, which is composed of many cells (dead ones, for that matter), is the top layer of skin on your body.

11. This one was a bit more tricky. Of all the items listed, the uvula, "Weird Al" Yankovic's favorite bodily organ, is not part of the digestive system. I don't think anyone really knows what it does, but it's pretty fun to say. Say it with me now. Uvula. That's it. Yooooouuuvvv-yoooooouuu-laaaaaa.... (Visit the official "Weird Al" site here.)

12. Another one of those "not in this list" questions. Of all the ancient eras listed, only the Cambrian era did not have the "terrible lizards" in it. That's because the Cambrian period was so far back, everything that lived probably still lived under the ocean. The others, in order from oldest to newest, are Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous.

13. First of all, like TNT above, never play with acid! I've seen what this stuff can do, and it ain't pretty. Now, to get our answer, dry sulfuric acid has the formula of H2SO4. Given atomic weights of H = 1.01, S = 32.06, and O = 16.00, we get a molecular weight of 2 (1.01) + 32.06 + 4 (16.00) = 98.08, which means one mole of this stuff weights 98.08 grams. (Remember #2 above.) 10 molar (how much stuff per unit volume) means we have 10 moles per liter of solution. We want 3 liters of solution, which means we need 3 × 10 = 30 moles of H2SO4. Thus, we need 30 × 98.08 g = 2942.4 g, and when we take into account significant digits and divide it by 1000 to get the number of kilograms, that gives us 2.94 kg of H2SO4 are needed.

14. Ken Thompson of Bell Labs developed the first version of UNIX on a DEC PDP-7 minicomputer in 1969. And while some flavor of UNIX can be found to run on all three of the other choices given, usually they run some other operation system.

15. The snazzy Perl scripting language was developed by Larry Wall. Everyone else here was also involved in creating programming languages. John Backus helped lead an IBM team in the creation of FORTRAN. Dennis Ritchie is the uberinventor of C. And CODASYL, the Conference on Data Systems Languages, created COBOL. (Even more Web sites to visit! Find out more about Perl here.)

Man, do I feel dumb now. I wanna go home!

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