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Instructions: Each question is multiple choice. Carefully read each question, then choose the answer you feel is best. Answer every question, even if you have to guess. Turn off your monitor and click around randomly with the mouse if you have to. Make sure to use a #2 lead pencil. When you are finished, click the Grade Me! button at the bottom of the quiz to submit your quiz for grading.

1. Cartoonist Jim "Dandy" Davis is the creator of everyone's favorite feline slob, Garfield. But the fat cat at large was not his first attempt at a syndicated comic strip. What character(s) did Jim try to sell first?

Sherman the Neurotic Sperm Whale
Milt and Franz, Gerbil P.I.s
Gnorm Gnat
Five Dancing Pigeons and Herbie

2. "Well blowzk me down!" Which of the following "Popeye" characters is the only survivor of the original cast of "Thimble Theatre," the strip originally created by Elzie Segar in which Popeye made his debut?

Olive Oyl

3. There probably isn't a person on earth who hasn't enjoyed "Peanuts" in one way or another. Charles Schulz has touched hearts, tickled funny bones, and made us all sigh and say "Good Grief!" Why, who else would be the only beagle to ever reach the moon? Snoopy, of course! So here's a quick quiz: When did Charlie Brown's good friend and social confidant Linus Van Pelt make his debut?

September 19, 1952
August 22, 1966
June 1, 1954
December 29, 1950

4. Dennis Mitchell's reputation is notorious. In fact, he will probably be forever known as "Dennis the Menace." But some of Dennis' friends can be quite a menace in their own rights. Here's a quick quiz for you: What is Dennis' friend Joey's last name?


5. Speaking of bratty kids, Bill Watterson's "Calvin and Hobbes" is one of my absolute faves. I love the imagination and especially the art that goes into each and every strip. Here's the question: How did Calvin and Hobbes first meet?

Calvin saw Hobbes in a toy store and begged his mom to buy him (free him from captivity)
Hobbes was Space Man Spiff's first interstellar acquisition
Calvin caught Hobbes in his tiger trap (baited with a tuna fish sandwich)
Calvin found Hobbes in the neighbor's dumpster

6. This one should be easy. Which comic strip character is Beetle Bailey's sister?

Lois Flagston of "Hi & Lois"
Alice Mitchell of "Dennis the Menace"
Thel (the Mom) from "Family Circus"
Blondie Bumstead of "Blondie"

7. Gary Trudeau's "Doonesbury" relies heavily on social commentary and the news of the moment. It also supports and incredibly large cast of characters, some of whom have disappeared for years at a time. So here's the toughie: When the strip first appeared in the Yale Daily News on September 30, 1968, what was its original title?

B.D. and Mike
Bull Tales
Trudeau's Head

8. Larry Feign's "The World of Lilly Wong" debuted in November 1986, following the unusual love affair between American graphic artist Stuart Wright and Hong Kong secretary Lily Wong, set against the backdrop of exotic Hong Kong. But the strip was abruptly ended in May 1995. Why?

It lost interest with the majority of its readers after the two main characters married
The last few strips contained nudity and blatant sexual themes
Larry Feign passed away
It insulted Chinese premier Li Peng

9. Alex Raymond's "Flash Gordon" captured reader's imaginations, as Flash, Dale Arden, and Dr. Hanz Zarkov crossed interstellar space to battle the sinister Ming the Merciless. Here's something to zap your brain with: In what year did "Flash Gordon" first appear?


10. In what year did Rudolph Dirks' "The Katzenjammer Kids" make its debut? It might help to remember that "TKK" is the longest running comic strip still in syndication....


11. Cathy Guiswite's "Cathy" shares with us the trials and tribulations of modern-day women in this crazy work-a-holic, weight-conscious, still-clinging-to-our-mothers world. Yes, even I, Fooker, the perpetual bachelor, can find humor in this one (albeit I sometimes feel like I'm the butt of some of these jokes). Anyhoo, when did "Cathy" make her debut on the comics scene?

October 13, 1980
November 22, 1976
March 31, 1974
January 5, 1979

12. As a geek myself, I occasionally enjoy Bill Amend's occasion trek into geekiness in his strip, "FoxTrot," usually expressed through the antics of Jason. Bill got his affinity for math-related humor by majoring in what at Amherst College?


13. For over 400 years, the heroic "Ghost Who Walks, Who Will Never Die," known only as "the Phantom," has fought evil and injustice throughout the world. Currently, the mantle of the Guardian of the Eastern Dark rests upon the 21st of his line, passed from father to son for generations. But the legends of the Phantom are many; with whom did the 5th Phantom cross swords?

Christopher Columbus
Vlaad the Impaler (aka, Count Dracula)
Blackbeard the Pirate
William Shakespeare

14. Okay, okay, I knew I wouldn't get away without doing something about Dilbert. Try as you might to avoid him, he's everywhere, even on TV. But let's focus on Scott Adams, the man behind the pencil. Scott has worked numerous jobs in his life, from bank teller to financial analyst. But tell me... what school did he get his masters degree from?

University of California at Berkeley
University of Illinois
Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York

15. Now, for the real tough one... What was Blondie Bumstead's maiden name?


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