Fooker's Pointless Trivia v4.0 (Answers)
Life in the Comics Page

1. Jim Davis tried a bunch of different ideas to break into comics. He even worked as an assistant to Tom Ryan on his strip "Tumbleweeds." But right before creating the unforgettable fat cat "Garfield," he tried to pitch "Gnorm Gnat." Why did it never take off? Because the syndicates didn't think readers could reate to bugs. (Catch the Fat Cat himself online here.)

2. "I yam what I yam!" The only surviving member of the original "Thimble Theatre" cast is Popeye's "goil," Olive Oyl. In fact, the strip itself centered around Olive and her eccentric family. Popeye started out as a walk-on minor character. (Read Popeye online over here.)

3. On September 19, 1952, Linus made his official debut. He was still a baby, but gosh was he cute! (Don't forget to warp over to Snoopy.Com.)

4. Dennis the Menace's best friend is Joey McDonald. (You can find Dennis online at King Features.)

5. Calvin and Hobbes first met when Calvin caught Hobbes in his tiger trap, baited with a tuna fish sandwich. ("CaH" is rerun online at CalvinAndHobbes.Com)

6. Lois Flagston of "Hi & Lois" is Beetle Bailey's sister. (Catch both these strips online here.)

7. The original title of "Doonesbury" was "Bull Tales." (Visit the Doonesbury Virtual Town Hall.)

8. "The World of Lily Wong" is still extremely popular around the world, never featured nudity, and Larry Feign is alive and well. The means the only answer to this question is that "TWoLW" was taken out of papers because it insulted Chinese premier Li Peng.

9. "Flash Gordon" made his intergalactic debut in 1934. (Fire up your browser to here to find Flash online.)

10. "The Katzenjammer Kids" first appeared in 1897. (They've entered the cyber age and now be found here.)

11. "Cathy" first graced a newspaper with her presence on November 22, 1976. (You can find her online at this location.)

12. According to the "FoxTrot" web site (found here), Bill Amend majored in physics at college.

13. The fifth Phantom once fought the nefarious Blackbeard the Pirate. (Read up on the 21st Phantom's exploits at this site.)

14. Scott Adams got his masters degree (in economics) at the University of California at Berkeley. (Do I even have to mention Dilbert.Com?)

15. This one really is a toughie. I didn't know this one until I looked it up here. Blondie Bumstead's maiden name was Boopadoop. (I wonder why she didn't keep it...?)

Man, do I feel dumb now. I wanna go home!

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