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"Star Wars" Trivia Time

Instructions: Each question is multiple choice. Carefully read each question, then choose the answer you feel is best. Answer every question, even if you have to guess. Turn off your monitor and click around randomly with the mouse if you have to. Make sure to use a #2 lead pencil. When you are finished, click the Grade Me! button at the bottom of the quiz to submit your quiz for grading.

1. In Star Wars: A New Hope (the first movie), Luke is attacked by "sand people," or Tuskan Raiders, while searching for R2-D2 in the desert. What weapon does the Tuskan Raider use to attack him?

A laser rifle
A gundar staff
An animal bone
A gaffi stick

2. In The Empire Strikes Back, bounty hunter Boba Fett's ship, the Slave I, is docked at which platform in Bespin, the Cloud City?

The North platform
The South platform
The East platform
The West platform

3. Gotta love those fuzzy little critters, the Ewoks. What actor portrays Wicket the Ewok in The Return of the Jedi? (Hint: He was 11 years old at the time....)

Warwick Davis
Paul Hirsch
John Dykstra
Gary Kurtz

4. At the heart of the Empire's vast fleet is the versitile, quick, and agile TIE fighter. Sure, it looks like a meatball stuck between two dinner plates, but anyone who's played the X-Wing series of flight simulator games can appreciate its balance of speed and power. Here's an easy one for you: what does "TIE" stand for?

Transwarp-Inducing Engine
Turbo-Injected Exhaust
Triple Induced Exhaust
Twin Ion Engine

5. For Star Wars: A New Hope, where was the Yavin IV exterior shots filmed?

Kentucky, USA

6. Who directed The Empire Strikes Back?

Irvin Kershner
Gilbert Taylor
Dave Prowse
Warwick Davis

7. How old is everyone's favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca, at the start of Star Wars: A New Hope?

100 years old
150 years old
200 years old
300 years old

8. By now, most of you have seen the "Special Edition" version of Star Wars: A New Hope, and know the story behind the scene featuring Jabba the Hutt. When the movie was originally being filmed, George Lucas had a stand-in for Jabba, intending to replace the actor with a stop-motion creature. Unfortunately, none of the effect seemed to work right, and the scene was dropped from the film. When the Special Edition was released, the scene was edited back in, this time with a computer generated Jabba. Who was the actor who was Jabba's stand-in in the original scene?

Richard Chew
Denis Lawson
Declan Mulholland
Gilbert Taylor

9. For The Empire Strikes Back, where were the Hoth ice planet scenes filmed?


10. In The Empire Strikes Back, what was the name of Wedge Antilles' gunner during the snow speeder/AT-AT battle sequence?


11. When an extra fell sick during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back, one of the main actors was required to fill in for him. He is the Imperial officer who pulls Leia into the elevator after she screams, "Luke! It's a trap!" He is also later caputred by Lando Calrissian's men when they free Leia and Chewbacca. Who was that actor?

Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)
Anthony Daniels (C3PO)
Dave Prowse (Darth Vader)
Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)

12. In what cell block of the detention center was Princess Leia held prisoner in Star Wars: A New Hope?


13. According to C3P0 in The Empire Strikes Back, what are the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field? ("Never tell me the odds...")

1,423 to 1
2,781 to 1
3,720 to 1
6,950 to 1

14. Which The Phantom Menace actor is the real-life nephew of Denis Lawson, who played Wedge Antilles throughout the original Trilogy?

Terence Stamp
Ewan McGregor
Jake Lloyd
Liam Neeson

15. What character does actor John Hollis play in The Empire Strikes Back?

Captain Needa

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