Fooker's Pointless Trivia v6.0

Instructions: Each question is multiple choice. Carefully read each question, then choose the answer you feel is best. Answer every question, even if you have to guess. Turn off your monitor and click around randomly with the mouse if you have to. Make sure to use a #2 lead pencil. When you are finished, click the Grade Me! button at the bottom of the quiz to submit your quiz for grading.

(Appendium: Man, time really does march on. Many of the comics in this list are not longer on Keenspot and some no longer exist at all. My apologies for not being able to control other people's sites.)

1. Let's start off with one of my favorites, Funny Farm! This strip features quite a cast of unusual characters, but centralizes on Ront and Mewn, a dog and cat duo whose friendship dates back to when they first met in middle school in their home town of Carmen. What was the name of that middle school?


2. Life at Bayside centers on the quiet institution of higher learning, Bayside University, nestled in a small, sleepy country town. Of course, its students keep things far from quiet! Among the student body lies the crime fighting pair (okay, maybe just crime hindering) of Fatman and Badger, the resident... um... superheroes, for lack of a better term. The Lethargic Duo use the Fatmobile as their primary mode of transportation. Which of the following is not a feature of this facinating vehicle?

Original imitation leather seats
Spacious, fully stocked refrigerator with built-in ice maker
440 V-8 engine with 1 horsepower that gets 10 miles per gallon
AM Radio

3. Superosity is the heartwarming tale of an idiot and his sentient talking surf-board-like being. Either that, or it's a hilariously goofy strip that defies all definition. Super Chris' brother, Bobby, is the resident trouble-maker and evil mastermind in training. Before his recent stint as playing an older Anikan Skywalker in George Lucas' "practice version" of Star Wars: Episode II, Bobby had another acting job in the blockbuster sequel, W6: Weasels in London. Okay, so he didn't get the job, but what role did he audition for?

John Smith
Ernie Reyes, Jr.
Zack White

4. Which of the following Keenspot comics is the home of "SPLEEN"?

Look What I Brought Home!
Joe Average
It's Walky!

5. Down to Earth, soon to be joining the Keenspot family, is about the exciting world of the afterlife, where really bad TV is a common form of torture among the inhabitants of Hell. Death, of course, had other aspirations before taking his current job; what occupation does Death actively which to pursue?

child-care worker
stand-up comedian
acting coach for Brooke Shields

6. College Roomies from Hell!!! is by far the zaniest, wildest comic on the Web. Focusing on three college roommates (all of whom seem to have recently developed strange mutations like, oh, heat vision, an extra eye, and a tentacle instead of a left hand) and their three lovely female neighbors, this strip is not afraid to let anything happen. For instance... when Mike (that's the guy with the tentacle) accidentally gets his tentacle stuck to a glass window (see, I told you he had a tentacle) in a public place, he asks his pal Roger (that's the one with the extra eye in his hand) for help. What event takes place that distracts Roger from helping Mike?

he gets a splinter in his hand, er, eye
an attractive cheerleader asks him to help build a human pyramid
a demon, summoned by their other neighbors, steals his soul
an attractive psychology major wants test his libido

7. All GPF fans should pay a debt of gratitude to Thomas Dye, creator of Newhounds, because his advice was one of several factors that helped our strip come into being. You can always count on the crew at KPET to sniff out the news... unless they're busy scratching behind their ears. Hal O'Peridol, mogul behind Sunflower Chemical Company (and also a dog), sprayed chemicals on the KPET lawn and kidnapped Wolfram (the KPET anchorhound) in part to confess his love for Renata, Wolfram's co-anchor. How did Hal gain control of the company?

he worked his way up from janitor
he inherited it from his master
it was given to him as a Christmas present
he surgically changed himself from a man to a dog

8. Help Desk chronicles the Alex, one minor cog in the terrible software juggernaught known as Ubersoft. It's his job to offer tech support (READ: blow smoke in users' faces)... a difficult job for such a nice guy, but the occasional sadistic streak gets him through. Ubersoft, of course, wasn't always "Ubersoft"... it was once called "Megasoft". Why did the company have to change its name?

the Internet domain "" was already taken
Microsoft sued them because of Binky the Friendly Paperclip, and they changed their name to hide from them
software pirates copyrighted their company logo
The sadistic Boss wanted new stationary

9. Ah, for the days of youth. I remember high school (vaguely). Of course it was nothing like Avalon... maybe that's because I'm not Canadian. :) Anyhoo, high school junior Joe Page must be pretty popular, considering the number of celebrities that visit him in his dreams the night before history exams. Which of the following did not show up next to Joe's bed?

Phil Collins
Regis Philbin
Dylan McDermott
Geddy Lee

10. Elf Life is a wonderfully executed and illustrated serial set in days of yore, when men were men, women were women, and elves where... well, elves. And none was more elvish than Baughb the Elf, fabled warrior, returned after many years of wandering aimlessly through time and space through the mysterious faery gates. During a flashback from the "Evil Destiny" story, the feisty maiden Filis incorrectly makes a connection between her and Baughb, mistakenly believing he is what relation to her?

her uncle
her brother
her cousin's roommate
her father

11. Pentasmal was. Pentasmal is. Pentasmal is to come. Pentasmal is as Pentasmal will be. Everything is Pentasmal, and Pentasmal is everything. Now that that's out of the way, what was the ultimate fate of General Clanker Jack? (PS: YOU WILL GET NOTHING!)

he was smashed into a pancake
he was set on fire
he was hit with a baseball bat
he lived a wonderful life on the fronteir with two children

12. Never has there been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy... than the cast of S.S.D.D.. Sex, drugs, and blood-thirsty rabbits... it's all here, folks. This one's for all you really disturbed folks out there: What was the name of the horse Norman Gates bet on in the Grand National competition?

Mister Ed
Angel Dust
Glue Pot
Dog's Dinner

13. Ah, there's nothing like having an artificially created sibling in the family. That's Franklin (a.k.a. Frankenstudent) for ya. Not exactly the brightest bulb in the family Christmas tree, but at least he knows when to give up in a snowball fight. What happened to Frank's "brother" Derek when class bully Freida melted his snow fort with a heater?

a penguin started swimming in the water
the water froze around his feet
Franklin joined Freida's fort
he caught a cold

14. Alice! is another great Keenspot comic. I like to think of Alice as a mixture of Peppermint Pattie from Peanuts, Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes, and a good healthy dose of Michael McKay-Fleming's imagination. And that's what Alice has plenty of: imagination. Sometimes, though, her friend Dot doesn't like to get pulled along for the ride. Say, here's a toughy... What's Dot's middle name?


15. Soap on a Rope is a neat invention. And so is this comic. Reading about this bunch of losers makes me think my life is just peachy keen. Like when Max Slacker and Joe Welcome get hired back at their tech support jobs, only to learn their new bosses are the Generation X-Men... kinda makes you feel for the guys. But the Gen X-Men have more up their sleeves than coffee stains. They know about the parallel world portal Max and Joe found, and want them to travel between worlds, stealing technology so they could sell it here. Why can't the Gen X-Men do the deed themselves?

their goatees were not strong enough to handle the pressures of interdimensional travel
they were offered sexual favors by Circe Byrd and didn't want to miss their appointment
too much Mountain Dew and Mentos ruined their health
they thought it would be funny to watch Max and Joe's heads explode if anything went wrong

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