Fooker's Pointless Trivia v6.0 (Answers)

As proof of each answer, we've provided a link to an individual strip or page within the appropriate comic's site. If you disagree with the answer, well, that's tough, because most of them came from the cartoonists themselves. :P (Appendium: Man, time really does march on. Many of the comics in this list are not longer on Keenspot, some no longer exist at all, and some of the old "proof" links no longer work. My apologies for not being able to control other people's sites.)

1. Funny Farm's Ront and Mewn both attended Santiago Middle School in their home town of Carmen. That's right... Carmen Santiago...

2. Life at Bayside's Lethargic Duo, Fatman and Badger, drive around in the Fatmobile, which is not equiped with a spacious, fully stocked refrigerator with built-in ice maker. Surprise, but no.

3. Superosity's Bobby auditioned for the role of Zack White in W6: Weasels in London.

4. Nukees! is the one and only home of "SPLEEN," or the "Snide Parody Lacking Everything Except Nukees."

5. In Down to Earth, Death has always had aspirations to become a stand-up comedian.

6. College Roomies from Hell!!!'s Roger couldn't help mike get un-stuck from the window glass because an attractive cheerleader asked him to help build a human pyramid.

7. In Newhounds, Hal O'Peridol gained control of Sunflower Chemical Company by inheriting it from his master.

8. Help Desk's sinister Ubersoft corporation had to change its name from Megasoft because software pirates copyrighted their company logo.

9. In Avalon, Joe is visited by several celebrities before his history exam, except for Phil Collins.

10. Elf Life's Baughb the Elf convinced Filis to mistakenly believe he was her father.

11. Pentasmal's very brief guest star General Clanker Jack was smashed into a pancake by the Red Guy, who in turn fed him to the Blue Guy. Ewww...

12. S.S.D.D.'s Norman Gates bet on the horse Glue Pot during the Grand National.

13. Frankenstudent's Derek was in quite a pickle when the water form his melted snow fort froze around his feet.

14. Alice!'s Dot's middle name is Robert.

15. In Soap on a Rope, the Generation X-Men could not travel through the parallel-world portal because too much Mountain Dew and Mentos ruined their health

A special thanks must go to my Keenspot cohorts, without whom this quiz would not be possible. :)

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