Complete the quest by reading your favorite webcomic to win!

You stand in a small, unkempt room. A musky, vaguely unsanitary funk assaults your nostrils. The floor is a maze outlined with piles of dirty laundry. A half-eaten pizza, some empty boxes of ramen noodles, and several empty soda cans lie scattered about on various surfaces. A calendar featuring your favorite anime characters hangs askew on the wall. To the south is a closed door and a broken light switch, while to the east is an unmade bed, its sheets lumped in a knotted heap. A stuffed wombat sits upon the bed. To the north is a cluttered desk with a desktop computer tower case underneath it, covered in discarded snack cake wrappers. A keyboard and mouse perch below a wide, CRT monitor currently in power saving mode. There is a cheap, broken desk chair in front of the desk. A darkened window floats on the wall to the west.

(Type "help" if you need a few hints! If the system doesn't recognize your typing, click on the page first.)