Geeky Games: Ki's Word Search

Last updated March 14, 2016

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to changes in Oracle's security polices in Java, we can no longer support Ki's Word Search. The word search applet was provided by a third party and was unsigned, so we don't folks getting terrifying warning messages instead of a trivial but fun little game.

After significant arm twisting, we somehow managed to pry Ki away from her favorite computer game to ask her to come up with a game for our Geeky Games section. Our first few attempts to fulfill her requests were, well, less than sucessful. Either they were too difficult to implement ("What do you mean you haven't got that Quake Java applet working yet?"), a bit too gory ("Think of it: Phantasmagoria Online... It could work!"), or just a little beyond the bounds of good taste ("The 'Bag Bill Clinton' game! Just watch out for the Independent Counsel!").

Finally, in resignation, she threw up her hands and declared, "Look, why don't you find some Java applet, like a word search or something, that somebody's already implemented, swipe it off their web page, and throw it on ours?" Well, after much deliberation, we talked her down to a using a free applet,... and here it is!

For each word search, you will find a list of words to find. The words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, forwards, backwards, etc. Circle each word you find by using your mouse to drag a selection around it. If you find the right word, it will play a sound and remove that word from the list. Once all the words are found, another sound will activate. You can then rescramble the words and play again, or move on to the next search.

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