GPF Link Icons!

Last updated May 18, 2018

Time was you'd see those annoying "Netscape Now!" or "Internet Explorer Now!" buttons all over the Internet. Everyone and their brother, sister, and pet iguana had a "Now!" button. Not to be outdone, we here at GPF submit ourselves to the flame gods and announce our own line of GPF Now! buttons.

Just save one of the images below, load it to your site, and include a link to our site. Please do not simply link to these images directly (i.e., use the URL from this site for the image in the SRC field of your IMG tags); please download them and put them on your own server. Not only is it bad form to link to these images, it puts unnecessary loads on our server and makes your page load slower. For more information on this topic, please see this question from our FAQ.

To download an image, simply click on the image. Then, from the File menu, choose Save As... and fill out the dialog box that pops up. Again, please do not link directly to the images on our server! Legalese.

Link to

Non-Animated Link Icons:

[GPF Now! Nick Button, GIF 100x35] [GPF Now! Fooker Button, GIF 100x35]
[GPF Now! Ki Button, GIF 100x35] [GPF Now! Fred Button, GIF 100x35]
[Nick Circle Button, GIF 100x100] [Fooker Circle Button, GIF 100x100] [Ki Circle Button, GIF 100x100] [Fred Circle Button, GIF 100x100]

[RSS button, PNG 88x31]

Animated Link Icons:

[GPF Now! Animated Button, GIF 100x35] [Animated Pop-Up Button 1, GIF 100x35] [Animated Pop-Up Button 2, GIF 100x35]

[Animated Circle Button, GIF 100x100]

Ad Banner Link Icons:

Now, by popular demand... banner ads! These banners conform to the standard advertising banner size of 468 x 60. I never was very good at making banner ads, and unfortunately these tell the sad tale. Anyhoo, here they are, and feel free to use them on your site if you want. Most are animated, but a few aren't. Enjoy!

[Bogie Banner, GIF 468x60]

[Freaks Banner, GIF 468x60]

[Teaching Fooker Animated Banner, GIF 468x60]

[Teaching Fooker Non-Animated Banner, GIF 468x60]

Legalese: "GPF" OFFICIAL ICON LINK LICENSE AGREEMENT License. Jeffrey T. Darlington grants to anyone using one of his GPF Icons (License) the non-exclusive right, until he gives notice to the contrary, to place the Icon in the Licensee's web site, subject to the following conditions: (a) the Icon may be used only for the purpose of hyperlinking to the official GPF web site at ""; (b) the Licensee will not alter the appearance of the Icon in any manner; (c) the Licensee will create a local copy of the Icon to serve from their own webhost and will not "inline" the image from this website; and (d) the Licensee will make no use of any intellectual property of Jeffrey T. Darlington, other than the Icon, without his express written permission. Thank you for reading the boring legal stuff. Have a nice day.