Support GPF: Web Hosting Deals

Last updated May 21, 2008

Are you an individual or business looking for great place to host your Web site? Are you also a fan of GPF and want to help support the strip? Well, we actually have a few novel ways of killing two birds with one stone. We have a couple of deals with various hosting providers that provide different levels of hosting service while providing us with kick-backs in return. Going with one of these providers helps us either through direct financial payments or discounts on our own hosting. Here are the details, so you can make informed decisions:

Managed Hosting through GPFWebHosting.Com

We've teamed up with our former publisher, Plan Nine, to resell managed Web space through a major managed hosting provider. These people sell total-package deals that cater to just about every level of hosting out there. Whether it's a simple personal site for your gerbil-themed grunge band or a major multimedia site consuming terabytes of bandwidth, they've got something for you.

Here are a few options available at this writing:

  • Shared, virtual dedicated, and dedicated server options
  • Both Windows (Server 2003) and Linux (Red Hat) operating systems available
  • Multiple language support (on Linux: Frontpage, PHP, Perl, Python, Java, Ruby, ColdFusion; on Windows: Frontpage, ASP, .NET, ColdFusion)
  • Built-in FTP, e-mail, database (MySQL, MS SQL Server or Access) support
  • A multitude of free pre-installed and/or add-on applications (CMSes, blogs, galleries, forums, polls, etc.)
  • Integrated control of your Web host, domain registration, SSL certificates, e-mail, and marketing tools on in one Web-based interface
  • 24x7 telephone and e-mail support

We at GPF get a small portion of your monthly fee, which is split between us and Plan Nine (we get the lion's share). So if you're looking for a Web host where you can just upload stuff and forget it and you don't want to bother getting your hands dirty with the messiest of details, this is a great option for you. You get great hosting at great prices, as well as chipping a little bit of cash our way every month.

Do-It-Yourself Hosting through Slicehost

GPF, Jeff's blog, and all of Jeff's other sites are all currently hosted through Slicehost. Want to know why? The simple fact is that Slicehost rocks. Trust us, we've been around the block enough times that we've seen Web hosts come and go. Some have served us very well (like Keenspot) while others—whom we will conveniently neglect to mention, like our very first Web host—were horrid. Slicehost stands head and shoulders above the rest, period.

Admittedly, though, Slicehost isn't for everyone. That's because they tend to take a very minimalist approach to hosting. They take care of all the physical aspects of your site: maintaining the physical box, its cabinet, the connections to the 'Net, physical security, etc. They also provide you with basic system management tools like remote reboots, backups/restores, rebuild tools, DNS management, etc. Beyond that, though, they are mostly hands-off. You get complete root access to your virtual machine and can install whatever software you need/want. You can pick your Linux distro, Web server, database, application/programming environment, etc. If you screw something up (sudo rm -Rf /), it's your own fault and they'll politely tell you to click the Rebuild Slice button and start over. They're definitely targeted to developers who know what they're doing and who aren't afraid to sling some code around to get things done.

If you're looking for a managed host where you click a few buttons on a Web site and upload a few files, then Slicehost isn't for you. They're also not who you want if you have .NET or other Windows-based applications, as they only run Linux. But if you're like me, you're not afraid of a shell prompt, and want to micromanage anything and everything on your little slice of the Internet (pun intended), then this is a great place to go. Their rates are reasonable, their back-end management is superb (you'd swear your virtual server was a dedicated one), and their customer support is always on the case.

Now, how this supports GPF: If you sign up for a Slice using the referral link above, we will get credit for your referral. After your account has been active for three months (to prevent abuse of the referral system, I assume), we will get a discount on our next month of hosting based on the size of the Slice you purchased. This discount means you're effectively paying for a big chunk of our next monthly bill single-handedly, just by setting up a Web host you were planning to create anyway. It's a win-win scenario: you get a great host who knows what they're doing, and we put more of our ad and Premium revenue in our pockets.

So take your pick. Managed hosting or flexing your mad DYI hacking skills... either way you can find a great host and support GPF all at the same time.