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Last updated October 28, 2020

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Other Web Comics and Related Sites:

Web-Based Comics: (listed alphabetically)

Please note: some of the comics in the following list have technically ended or are no longer updating regularly. Those comics are denoted with an asterisk (*) after their name. I've left these comics on the list because I think they're worth checking out, even if only for historical reasons.

Absurd Notions*
BoxJam's Doodle*
Bruno the Bandit*
Clan of the Cats, The
College Roomies from Hell!!!
Dungeons & Denizens*
El Goonish Shive
Evil Inc.
Funny Farm*
Gaming Guardians*
Gene Catlow
Girl Genius
Help Desk
Kevin & Kell
Lit Brick
Lowest Common Denominator*
No Need for Bushido
No Pink Ponies
Ozy & Millie*
Power Nap
Real Life
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, The*
Schlock Mercenary
Seraph Inn, The*
Sluggy Freelance
Star Power
Suburban Jungle, The
User Friendly
Wandering Ones, The
Wapsi Square
Wilde Life
Zebra Girl

Comic-Related Sites: (listed alphabetically)

  • AstroNerdBoy's Comic Strips!! — AstroNerdBoy has a huge listing of kewl online comics and official web sites for your favorite syndicated strips. Tons o' fun! Surf on over there and check it out. NOW!
  • Comic Genesis — Formerly known as Keenspace, this is Keenspot's free hosting service for anyone interested in starting an online comic. Free automation, templates, community support... all you have to do is sign up and upload your comics. With well over 6000 comics already hosted there, it's well established and well recognized throughout the online comics community.
  • Guild of Evil Cartoonists — I am not a member of the Guild. The Guild does not exist. You don't want to click this link. I can't be held responsible for what happens if you do.
  • Keenspot — GPF's former webhost, from May 2000 to March 2008. Home of "the best d@%$ comics on the Web". While we may not be hosted there anymore, there's still plenty of awesome comics hosted on their servers!
  • — Originally, was a cool collection of online comics, all brought to you in one place. GPF was once featured there, so we liked to give them a plug, even if we were no longer listed there anymore. Since then, the domain has changed hands, perhaps for the better. Because now it's run by Brad Guigar and other contributors. It's now an ongoing blog full of cool resources for webcartoonists from novices to professionals. (Wait, did I just use the term "professional webcartoonist"? My mistake.)

More of Jeff's Art Online:

  • The GPF Art Gallery — Mustn't forget our very own art gallery here. Just a few more pictures thrown together my me, until I can find a better use for the server space.

Kewl Sites of Geek Interest:

  • — Because the computer industry had it coming.
  • The Jargon File — Also known in the print world as the The New Hacker's Dictionary, the Jargon File is the ultimate final word in geekdom and hackerdom. Don't know a geek from a hacker from a "warez d00d"? Then here's the official unoffical place to look.
  • SlashDot — News for nerds. If you haven't heard of this site, you're not a real geek, like it or not. Definitely the place for Linux hype, both real and imagined. (Although GPF has never officially been "slashdotted," we're always grateful for all those Slashdot Faulties who put us in their sig lines. Thanks, gang!)

GPF Links Off-Site:

Sadly, this section has suffered a tremendous amount of link rot over the years and is significantly smaller than it once was. The links below are still good as of my last check (see the date at the top of the page). If you have links to any GPF-related material off-site that are still publicly accessible, please share them and I'll add them ASAP.